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divine company on 14 Aug 17 at 10:33

Whenever you feel alone, realise that you have divine company - that your divine self is always there in the background, and that divine self is constantly connected with all other divine beings. When you go into divine consciousness you become at one with the divine host. Accordingly you have unlimited divine company.

The divine host is always with you, at all times, whether you realise it or not. It is just that you turn your back on divinity, and forget about it. In

more... on 18 Jul 17 at 19:32

The writings at are cleaned-up translations of original speeches in Hindi by BapDada to the students of the Brahma Kumaris. BapDada is the spiritual leader of the Brahma Kumaris: "Dada" (meaning "elder brother" in Hindi) Lekhraj Khubchand Kripalani, self styled as "Brahma Baba". Lekhraj claims to be combined, when speaking, with the supreme soul - i.e. God, the Father ("Bap" meaning "Father" in Hindi) - whom he names as "Shiva".

The Brahma Kumaris term these speeches "murli", meaning flute, as in the flute of Krishna. Originally the speeches were channeled by Lekhraj directly ("Sakar BapDada"). Since his death in 1969, BapDada ("Avyakt BapDada") has been channeled through the corporeal body ("chariot") of a trance messenger - Dadi Gulzar of the Brahma Kumaris. The Brahma Kumaris claim the copyright of the original speeches, but also claim that they are the direct words of God (Brahma Baba acting simply as a mouthpiece, and Gulzar

my God on 17 Jul 17 at 12:11

Whenever you feel alone, realise that you have divine company - that your divine self is always there in the background, and that divine self is constantly connected with all other divine beings. When you go into divine consciousness you become at one with the divine host. Accordingly you have unlimited divine company.

The divine host is always with you, at all times, whether you realise it or not. It is just that you turn your back on divinity, and forget about it. In

energy, frequency, and vibration on 03 Dec 16 at 07:37

Nikola Tesla once said:

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence. To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

Egg of the Philosopher's Stone on 02 Dec 16 at 14:29

from :

The merge (of the four elements) results in an Egg (Philosopher’s Stone) with the four elements joined together. The shell is Earth, the skin between the shell and the white is Air, the white is Water, and the yolk is Fire. In the middle of the yolk there

Celtic Cross Spread on 13 Nov 16 at 22:20

based on: spread/

The cross

The Circle/Cross shows what is going on in the querent’s life at the time of the reading. This section is made up of two crosses – a central one (Cards 1

not the gold of the masses on 23 Aug 16 at 07:28

from Katarina:

Alchemists took the motto: "Aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi", or "Our gold is not the gold of the masses", which suggests they might have sought the esoteric knowledge, not the precious metal.

karmic law - from discussion with Chris Dos Santos on 13 Jul 16 at 21:16


note: some of the following has now been incorporated in the original article, to address deficiencies identified by Chris.

Conventional depictions of "karma" have been twisted over the centuries and millennia to suit particular religious dogmas. To make the situation even worse, modern widespread western use of terms such as "yoga" and "karma" have

stop absorbing negative energy from others on 03 Jul 16 at 12:08

Anna Hunt writes:

With empathy - the ability to recognise and feel other people’s emotions - comes the disadvantage of also absorbing the suffering and negativity of the others around you. When this occurs, your ability to function at your best can be significantly impacted. Even a person who is not so empathic can be affected energetically when around negative or dramatic people.

help on 13 May 16 at 13:14
the religion of the future on 05 May 16 at 16:21

The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It will have to transcend a personal god, and avoid dogma and theology. Encompassing both the natural and the spiritual, it will have to be based on a sense of intelligence arising from the spirit of all things, natural and spiritual, considered as a meaningful unity.

_Albert Einstein(

masculine and feminine principles on 29 Apr 16 at 13:21

On the physical plane , the Masculine principle is positive and dominant , and the Feminine principle is negative and receptive. This changes on the emotional plane , where the Feminine is positive and dominant , and the Masculine is negative and passive. On the mental (or intellectual ) plane, the Masculine once again becomes positive and the Feminine once again becomes receptive and negative. This switch occurs once

the butterfly life on 28 Apr 16 at 17:44

Julian Spalding writes:

a caterpillar voraciously devours everything in its path, until, sated, it stops eating and spins a cocoon. Inside the chrysalis, the body of the caterpillar turns to a mushy substance. Its cells disintegrate and new cells begin to grow called imaginal cells. At first the imaginal cells are experienced as foreign and the old caterpillar cells try to destroy them, but

embrace the coming energy on 09 Apr 16 at 10:14

Michael Forrester writes:

There is a barrier that is being shattered by those who are choosing light over darkness and love over hatred. Right now there exists a potential for this planet that has never been felt or witnessed at any time in history, and

fear and love on 21 Dec 15 at 06:27

John Lennon said:

There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. When we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance. We need to learn to love ourselves first, in all our glory and our imperfections. If we cannot love

Brahma and Maya on 21 Dec 15 at 06:09

Don Migeul Ruiz:

There is an old story from India about the God, Brahma, who was alone. Nothing existed but Brahma, and he was completely bored. Brahma decided to play a game, but there was no one to play the game with. So he created a beautiful goddess, Maya, just for the purpose of having fun. Once Maya existed and Brahma told her the purpose of her existence, she said, “Okay, let’s play

healing the mind on 08 Sep 15 at 11:11

Justin Faerman writes:

Brain imaging research has shown that the mind cannot differentiate between something that is actually occurring in your life and something imagined. Both activate the brain in identical ways and since your mind literally controls and coordinates the functioning of your cells and body as a whole, what you regularly think, feel and believe is ultimately reflected in your body in some

give yourself the love you deserve on 03 Aug 15 at 10:07

Give yourself the love you deserve, give yourself the respect you deserve, give yourself the health, the appreciation, the kindness, the honour, the liberation from conditioning that you deserve. You are not ‘less than’ or unworthy. If there is a voice in your head that argues about your worthiness, know that it is the ego, and this opinion you can safely let go.

Heart-based decisions will never do harm. The heart is not the seat of sentimentality… it is the seat of courage and devotion to that which is sacred

the shadow within on 18 Jun 15 at 09:04

Charles Eisenstein writes:

The world is governed by a secret power that holds us in bondage to no good end. But the conspirators are not others, they are we - you and I and everyone. A secret agenda of domination and control has existed in nearly everyone, and a world embodying that agenda has congealed around us, attracted

Einstein's Universal Force on 16 Jun 15 at 08:39

Albert Einstein, in a letter to his daughter wrote:

There is an extremely powerful force that, so far, science has not found a formal explanation to. It is a force that includes and governs all others, and is even behind any phenomenon operating in the universe and has not yet been

The Three Primary Distortions of the Infinite One on 11 Jun 15 at 10:54

"Hidden Hand" writes:

Creation is based upon the 'Three Primary Distortions of The Infinite One'.

the eternal Tao on 07 Jun 15 at 12:41

Tor Matson writes:

When I first read the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, I didn’t understand it, and that bothered me, particularly when I read about the three types of men.The first type is the inferior man, and when he hears the Tao, he laughs, because he is a fool, and wisdom seems like foolishness to him. The second type is the mediocre man. When he hears the Tao, he is troubled, because he recognizes both the elusive wisdom of the Tao and his own incapacity to fully perceive

Instinct and Intuition on 03 Jun 15 at 10:28

Inside us all are two strong sources of guidance. One is powered by the drive to survive. This is instinct. The other is powered by your drive to thrive. This is intuition. Knowing which is guiding you is crucial. Each emanates from a different drive. Your instincts, will usually get louder, more pressing, more ‘shouty.’ Instinct is very useful to deal with real threats, but it massively limits creativity, openness, and flexibility. Intuition, the voice of the inner shaman, will stay clear, certain, and

Balance on 08 Mar 15 at 11:09

A divine alchemist must be free of any bondage or burden. This is why we must master personal alchemy first. Through the practices of self-transformation, we liberate our divine qualities from the many bonds and burdens that were suppressing our divine selves. That is, we inculcate virtue and freedom, and we renounce all that is vicious and oppressive in us.

The goal of personal alchemy is self-liberation. We each focus on adopting our

Detached Observer on 03 Mar 15 at 07:13

Are you stable in divine consciousness? Are you unshakeable, immovable, and constant in that consciousness? This is the aim of personal alchemy - to be always in such an elevated consciousness.

When you are stable in divine consciousness, then you will see everything from the viewpoint of a detached observer - you will have an easy detachment from mundane matters, but will remain observant and loving. You will be always in the moment - cheerful, free, easy, and full of love for others - whilst

Repetition on 21 Feb 15 at 09:15

In divine alchemy, there are only a few aspects to learn and master, and most of these are themselves inter-related, being different ways of approaching the same thing. It all comes down to virtue and divine consciousness. There are many aspects around that, but the core of divine alchemy is to embrace the virtue of divinity, and the clarity and empowerment that comes from divine consciousness.

There are only so many ways to say the same thing, and so I have to repeat

Alchemy per Evola on 19 Feb 15 at 12:09

Alchemy is generally understood to be a primitive form of chemistry. However, there are deeper perspectives on it, for example that expressed by Italian esotericist Julius Evola (1898-1974) in his book "The Hermetic Tradition". Evola sees the conventional view of alchemy - creating gold out of base metals, the search for the Philosopher's Stone to enable this, and so on - as just a blind to cover the alchemist’s real goal, which is more spiritual in nature.

Divine Will on 16 Feb 15 at 10:40

Are you determined? Do you have willpower? When you decide to make changes, do you follow through?

When we are languishing in ego-consciousness, determination requires self- discipline and application - we have to deliberately and wilfully make the required changes in our lives, and this can feel quite tedious - it is hard work. But as we work on ourselves to release the divine self from its ego-imposed bondage, our natural divine will becomes active

karma yoga on 12 Feb 15 at 10:00

Karma is all about action. In Hindu philosophy... the quest for truth and contemplation is believed to be a superior act of being, as opposed to performing karma yoga (good deeds without care for their rewards or consequences, selfless acts), but both are paths to the same destination.

Performing karma yoga is all about performing acts that can benefit the planet(s), acts that stem from the heart’s intent strictly for the benefit of the world(s) or others. This is important to remember, because many can

Jain karmas on 12 Feb 15 at 09:48

According to Jainism, Karmas are invisible particles of matter existing all around us. Our souls attract these karmas through various actions. For example, every time we get angry we attract karmas, just as when we are deceitful or greedy. Likewise, every time we kill or hurt someone we attract karmas. According to Jainism these karmas form layers upon layers over our souls and keep us from realizing our true potential and our ability to hear our soul’s voice.

do it now! on 10 Feb 15 at 13:14

Practically, we change our habits most easily by focusing on the present. So aim to live in the awareness of the present moment, and do not dwell on the past or the future. Realise that intention right now. Start right now, at this moment.

Do not make resolutions for the future. Don't say " I will begin tomorrow". Do it now - make the change now. It should be the same with every task you feel is necessary, with every change you wish to make in yourself. At the

Discretion on 08 Feb 15 at 09:48

Are you transforming? Are you ascending? Can you tell? Do you have the discretion to tell how you are doing - to see and recognise your own state of consciousness? Can you tell to what extent your behaviour has become divine? And can you see the divinity in others, and distinguish that from the darkness that is also in them?

Why am I asking this? In our everyday tasks in this mundane world, we associate with people all around who are primarily trapped in a dense heavy

living blessings on 03 Feb 15 at 13:41

From what I hear, there are human beings in the world who are profoundly knowing, radiating love and light, evoking tremendous reverence, and battling the darkness on a refined level, sometimes simply by being. We may not realize that we benefit from these ‘living blessings’ being here, but we do benefit, greatly.

I am told that people at this level of development will have worked through the pain and grief that everyone encounters in this inside-out, upside-down

conscious meditation on 02 Feb 15 at 14:42

Here are some thoughts about meditation, inspired by Phil Watt's article "We All Meditate, Whether We Know it or Not" at Waking Times:

The meditative states are natural states of consciousness that we experience automatically in everyday life experience - between being awake and sleeping. These states are connected with brainwave frequencies: our standard brain

seven things that happen when we die on 29 Jan 15 at 09:33

In a recent article in Waking Times, Steven Bancarz writes very clearly about what people experience when they have a Near Death Experience (NDE). What he describes precisely correlates with my own NDE and visionary experiences. Here is an extract from his article:

There has been a lot of scientific investigation into what happens when people leave their bodies when it dies, and then return after experiencing

Working for Enlightenment on 17 Jan 15 at 22:29

The following is extracted from an article by Wes Annac, which I find illuminating:

Are we helping ourselves live a lifestyle that’s truly inspired by spirit, or does the idea of staying connected only sound good at the surface?

The Tree of Life on 11 Jan 15 at 14:25

From the seed of divine being - from divinity itself - grows the Tree of Life. Every incarnation of every soul is a leaf on the Tree of Life. The cycle of the Tree of Life is another metaphor for the Cosmic Cycle.

Originally the Tree is just a Sapling, with only a few leaves. Each of these leaves representing an incarnation of a Golden Spring soul - that is, a soul who takes their first incarnation(s) in the Golden Spring. There is only one branch - the trunk - representing the unity of all souls at that time: in the

Having tasted divine bliss, he finds the world insipid on 08 Jan 15 at 10:39

After enjoying divine bliss, one looks on the world as cow-droppings.
If a man enjoys the Bliss of God, he doesn’t enjoy the world. Having tasted divine bliss, he finds the world insipid. …
Can worldly pleasures and sex pleasures be compared to the bliss of God? If a man once tastes that bliss, he runs after it ever afterwards. It matters very little to him then whether the world remains or disappears.

The Fortress of Divine Protection on 03 Jan 15 at 10:24

One of the aims of divine alchemy is to make ourselves strong. Each of us works on transforming ourselves into a beacon of divine love and light. We are learning to walk the earth as angelic beings and spiritual masters - masters of divinity, masters of the material realm, masters of the cosmos. Together we form a divine force. God - the divine source - is the Captain of this force, always unseen, but always there with unlimited strength. And God's angels are the guards, whilst we are the new recruits. The divine realm is the subtle fort of the angels - the

Divine Ruler of the Mundane Self on 27 Dec 14 at 13:37

Are you self sovereign - a divine ruler of your mundane self? Do you embody the unlimited willpower, strength, love, virtue, and understanding, of the divine you? That is, have you become divine in your everyday behaviour?

It is spending time in divine consciousness that makes our everyday behaviour become increasingly divine. In divine consciousness, our innate divine qualities are revealed through our everyday behaviour. Through the divine inspiration of intuition, we respond appropriately and precisely to scenes of

Self-Sovereign on 21 Dec 14 at 12:29

Those of us who are now working on ourselves - working to rapidly elevate our consciousness - are leading the way for others. As we fill ourselves with love and light, we become beacons shining in the darkness to show others the way forward.

At this time of our ascension, each of us transforms our own consciousness. From being mired in matter, we become divine and free. Through our own effort, discipline, faith, and focused

Determination on 14 Dec 14 at 15:40

Are you making progress in transforming yourself? Your progress becomes quick and easy when you recognise and understand that you are a divine being, and when - through constant and determined effort - you bring that divinity into your everyday practical life. If your progress remains slower than you wish, then this indicates that you either lack understanding, or you lack determination, so that one obstruction or another keeps holding you back.

fabricated reality on 13 Dec 14 at 13:26

Work isn’t supposed to suck. Leisure time isn’t supposed to be a “pie in the sky”. The air is not supposed to be saturated with smog. The Gulf of Mexico isn’t supposed to be drowning in spilled oil. The Pacific Ocean isn’t supposed to be tainted with nuclear waste from the Japan nuclear plant disaster. Money is not supposed to matter more than the heart. Profit is not supposed to matter more than people.
If you can really stop and feel the unhealthy fabricated reality that has

Faith and Focus on 08 Dec 14 at 17:36

In order to find the self-discipline to make continual effort to transform yourself, you must believe in yourself and what you are doing.

Do you have faith in yourself? Do you have faith in the cosmos? Do you have faith that the Cosmic Drama is your friend and will support you? Do you have faith in all of divinity?

The Point on 29 Nov 14 at 12:44

Sit in deep meditation and merge with the divine oneness. To do this, remember your essential form of a point of divine golden light. As a divine being, you radiate the subtle golden light of divine love. This light radiates constantly - always - from the infinitesimal point of divinity that is you.

This consciousness - of being divine, a point source of divine light - is very powerful. It is this consciousness that create the intense red light of

the true meaning of alchemy on 28 Nov 14 at 11:54

This is the true meaning of alchemy and the philosopher’s stone: it is the conscious, concerted effort to tame the ego/conscious mind away from its automatic negative responses (fear, guilt, blame, and unworthiness, etc.); to identify, uproot, and change our erroneous, self-defeating beliefs; to relinquish our illusion of control; and to direct our attention, thoughts, attitude, and actions toward higher vibrations, gratitude, and better things. It is tearing our eyes away from doom, gloom, and disaster; focusing on what is good in our lives; and putting our attention and energy into creating the

frequency on 26 Nov 14 at 10:53 body/ writes:

Your entire existence - all matter, all life, all experiences, everything - owes its existence in the physical world to frequency. Absolutely everything is frequency. You cannot have an experience on this planet without attracting it through frequency. Every emotion, including love and hate tunes into a

our spiritual origins on 26 Nov 14 at 10:16

The following is an extract from Our Spiritual Origins, by a modern "Rene Descartes":

The Universe was not first created out of matter, but existed prior to material creation in spirit form. Imagine a Consciousness similar to our own, except that this first Consciousness was boundless - a Universal Consciousness, or Super Consciousness. This is what religions much later

Discipline on 22 Nov 14 at 12:14

Are you happy and content? Is there any need to ask about your well-being? There should be no need to ask this any more, because you are growing up. You now have the key to divine alchemy - the key to transformation of the ego-self - and, if you make effort to practice this, you will become more content and happy as each day passes. You are learning to stand on your own two feet. You are becoming strong and independent. You are being liberated.

It is through making ourselves strong that we play our part in changing this

Effort on 16 Nov 14 at 11:38

Are you loving? Whom do you have love for? Do you love yourself? Do you love your fellow beings? What else do you have love for? Do you love this work of transforming yourself?

When we have love for transforming our ego-selves, we will also have love for others. And those who have love for others are also loved by others. Love begets love. And so, by making effort to transform the self through becoming loving, we also become loved by others. This is how to achieve personal