Ian Howie

from / deepian    posted by Ian Howie   on 24 Aug 07 at 15:13  

Ian Howie here..

My internet avatar or pen-name is deepian.

I play, in my Leo body with Libra rising, as a writer, I.T.geek, musician, and nature lover.

I work at becoming more childlike, through union with the divine.

After a suitably misspent youth, chasing rainbows which turned out to be mirages, I took refuge in mysticism, and the search for enlightenment. Now I look on with bemusement as our "civilisation" sets about wiping itself out, and I look forward to nature reminding us of who is in charge here.

I blog here on this site, and collect snippets of the wisdom of others that appeal to me. Check out my tweets @deepian also :)

For fellow mystics, I also maintain writings on my understanding of the cosmos at going beyond, and an extensive record of the teachings of Avyakt BapDada, who plays the role of my spiritual guardian, guide, and mentor.