All of creation can be understood in terms of four elements: fire , water , air and earth .

The creator is represented by a fifth synthethising element: spirit .

There is one divine element: spirit , from which the other elements emanate (emerge), and into which they are resolved (merge). Spirit can be understood as divinity or God.

There are two primary elements: fire and water , representing opposing polarities: each cannot exist without the other.

There are two secondary elements: air and earth , both derived from the primary elements.

Each of the four (primary and secondary) elements has a divine (positive) aspect and a mundane (negative) aspect , representing opposing polarities within that element.


God, The Major Arcana, Vishnu

Spirit representsdivinity, or that which is not manifest. It also represents the synthesis (union) of all that is separate.

While western esoteric tradition only recognises 4 elements (fire,water,air, and earth), eastern tradition recognises this fifth element of spirit.


the lion Leo, Wands, Shiva

Fire is the upward rising primary element, the counterpart of water.

Fire energy is transformational and accompanies changes of state. This fire is active, hot, and expansive, and it fills us with passion. Fire is attached to empowerment, and taking action.


the eagle Scorpio, Cups, Shakti

Water is the earth-bound primary element, the counterpart of the heaven-bound fire.

Water energy concerns emotions and feelings, and the flow of these from one state to another. Water is fluid, cool, and cleansing, like its physical counterpart.


man Aquarius, Swords, Brahma

Air is the ascending secondary element, the counterpart of earth.

Air energy is mental, intellectual, communicative, and co-operative.

In a spiritual context, air represents communication and co-operation, and a clear intellect. In such a context, air is expressed via [the throat


the bull Taurus, Pentacles, Shankar

Earth is the descending secondary element, the counterpart of air.

Earth is the most dense and earth-bound element - the most solid and enduring of the elements. It anchors our foundation, being firm, structured, and stable.