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The writings at are cleaned-up translations of original speeches in Hindi by BapDada to the students of the Brahma Kumaris. BapDada is the spiritual leader of the Brahma Kumaris: "Dada" (meaning "elder brother" in Hindi) Lekhraj Khubchand Kripalani, self styled as "Brahma Baba". Lekhraj claims to be combined, when speaking, with the supreme soul - i.e. God, the Father ("Bap" meaning "Father" in Hindi) - whom he names as "Shiva".

The Brahma Kumaris term these speeches "murli", meaning flute, as in the flute of Krishna. Originally the speeches were channeled by Lekhraj directly ("Sakar BapDada"). Since his death in 1969, BapDada ("Avyakt BapDada") has been channeled through the corporeal body ("chariot") of a trance messenger - Dadi Gulzar of the Brahma Kumaris. The Brahma Kumaris claim the copyright of the original speeches, but also claim that they are the direct words of God (Brahma Baba acting simply as a mouthpiece, and Gulzar as a trance chariot), and as such belong to all of God's children, which means every one of us. Oddly, despite these claims, the originals are made available only to "students" of the "university", and are kept secret from the general public.

I have made these teachings available to the public domain, as I have personally found the words of Avyakt BapDada to be powerful and strong spiritual teachings. I was, for 5 years, a "student" at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, and was privileged to attend the live channeling of these messages at three of their events. My experiences incline me to accept that these trance channelings are genuine, and are indeed divinely inspired. Due to certain mystical experiences, I regard Brahma Baba (Dada Lekhraj) as a spiritual master, and as my spiritual guide. And I believe he is inspired by God - the supreme soul, or divine light, or call it/him/her whatever suits you. Personally I see the original words as those of Brahma Baba, and not the words of God - as, in my understanding, God is above and beyond human language, being entirely divine, and so inspires us only through higher forms of communication. Whatever my beliefs are - and however they differ from the claims of the Brahma Kumaris, and from your beliefs - I hope that you will find some of the inspiration for personal transformation and spiritual elevation that these teachings have inspired in me.

These writings are based on those transcripts of the original Avyakt Bapdada speeches which I was able to obtain from the internet, and from the Brahma Kumaris whilst I was a "student" with them. I hereby give thanks to those members and former members of the Brahma Kumaris, who helped me to obtain copies of these works. The originals were spoken in Hindi, with some usage of English terms. This work is based on the official Brahma Kumaris English translations, and is subject to any deficiencies in these Brahma Kumaris transcriptions and translation of the original speeches. The dates given are in every case the date of the original speech.

Some of the messages are "trance messages", and are titled as such: these were related by the trance messenger, after conscious trance interaction with Avyakt BaDada. In such messages, the comments of the trance messenger are given in italics.

Otherwise, the messages were "avyakt murlis", received while in unconscious trance, and spoken directly, live. Bold text is used extensively for emphasis. All comments in brackets are by me, or by other translators, or by those present in the audience for the original speech. Many of the original transcripts used italics to indicate words originally spoken in English - this is not done here.

I have done a very large amount of work on these writings now, over many years, and primarily as a spiritual practice for my own benefit - but I am sufre that others can benefit from them also, and I hope that this is the case.

As BapDada would say, take what you find useful, and leave aside the rest. If you cannot accept something, skip it and move on.

BapDada also says: "Do not waste your time in the wasteful. Time is of the greatest value: if not now then never... When someone relates something very long to you, make it short. Leave aside the wasteful. Teach them how to make it short. This is pure service, and having mercy."

Originally I applied this advice perhaps excessively to BapDada's own speeches, producing condensed summaries of the full speeches, and omitting many sections and much repetition. There is a lot of repetition in the originals, as this is the way BapDada teaches - he repeats the essential points almost like a mantra or affirmation, but in a variety of ways, so as to stimulate the mind into absorbing the message. The original speeches were given to live audiences, and often became conversational, and rambled somewhat.

But now, for several years, I have been replacing these summaries with the full speeches, except in a few cases where I have been unable to locate an original, in which case I have retained the summaries, and in most cases noted them as such. I do modify them still, but much more slightly than in the earlier summaries. Many sentences and passages are identical to the official Brahma Kumaris English translations. However much of the content here has been altered in some way from the original, whether to simplify, or to improve readability and flow, or in some cases in an attempt to make sense out of obscurity. In many instances, I have obtained alternative translations by different translators, and in such cases I work to merge the best aspects of both.

My aim has been to retain the essence and accuracy of the teachings - to make the teachings easier to read, without losing any meaning. But as I don't speak Hindi, I am reliant on the original English translations, and therefore these writings should not be treated as definitive versions of Avyakt BapDada, and neither are they official teachings of the Brahma Kumaris. They are, at least to some small extent, my interpretations.

Readers who wish to access the original documents on which these summaries are based, and those who wish to pursue these teachings further, are advised to contact the Brahma Kumaris, who offer free courses and spiritual training. Personally I neither endorse nor accept every detail of these teachings, but I have found them immensely useful and inspirational in my own life, and I feel they are worth presenting for others to make up their own minds.