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divine company on 14 Aug 17 at 10:33

Whenever you feel alone, realise that you have divine company - that your divine self is always there in the background, and that divine self is constantly connected with all other divine beings. When you go into divine consciousness you become at one with the divine host. Accordingly you have unlimited divine company.

The divine host is always with you, at all times, whether you realise it or not. It is just that you turn your back on divinity, and forget about it. In

my God on 17 Jul 17 at 12:11

Whenever you feel alone, realise that you have divine company - that your divine self is always there in the background, and that divine self is constantly connected with all other divine beings. When you go into divine consciousness you become at one with the divine host. Accordingly you have unlimited divine company.

The divine host is always with you, at all times, whether you realise it or not. It is just that you turn your back on divinity, and forget about it. In

do it now! on 10 Feb 15 at 13:14

Practically, we change our habits most easily by focusing on the present. So aim to live in the awareness of the present moment, and do not dwell on the past or the future. Realise that intention right now. Start right now, at this moment.

Do not make resolutions for the future. Don't say " I will begin tomorrow". Do it now - make the change now. It should be the same with every task you feel is necessary, with every change you wish to make in yourself. At the

conscious meditation on 02 Feb 15 at 14:42

Here are some thoughts about meditation, inspired by Phil Watt's article "We All Meditate, Whether We Know it or Not" at Waking Times:

The meditative states are natural states of consciousness that we experience automatically in everyday life experience - between being awake and sleeping. These states are connected with brainwave frequencies: our standard brain

seven things that happen when we die on 29 Jan 15 at 09:33

In a recent article in Waking Times, Steven Bancarz writes very clearly about what people experience when they have a Near Death Experience (NDE). What he describes precisely correlates with my own NDE and visionary experiences. Here is an extract from his article:

There has been a lot of scientific investigation into what happens when people leave their bodies when it dies, and then return after experiencing

spiritual reality near death experiences video on 09 Aug 14 at 13:17

I find the near death experiences described in this video to be exhilarating and uplifting. The various participants are eloquently describing experiences very similar to my own near death experience, both the experiences and the after effects!

(untitled) on 09 Aug 14 at 13:01
metamorphosis on 20 Feb 14 at 13:39

The essence of self-transformation or ascension is for the true self to emerge from out of the ego. Just as the caterpillar becomes a chrysalis before emerging as a butterfly, we can metamorphose from the ego-self, through a cocoon of inner reflection, into the real self - the beautiful flying consciousness of the divine eternal soul.

What does a caterpillar do? It is limited in its movements. It crawls around, eating as it goes. It eats and eats, and then it eats some more. What does

traits of an awakening soul on 17 Feb 14 at 14:54

Many people all across the globe are now going through intense personal changes and sensing an expansion of consciousness - a growing spiritual awareness. As we become more aware, we also become more sensitive and empathic.

We require more solitude than the average person. We are happy with our own company, but can easily get bored in the company of others.

emptiness and fullness on 07 Feb 14 at 14:08

Some spiritual traditions, such as Buddhism, describe the essence of being as emptiness. It is true that when we enter our natural state of union with the divine, our minds become still, and we experience complete peace. This is often described as "going into silence", and this silence means much more than just the absence of sound and mental chatter: it is complete stillness, a one-ness with the divine and a one-ness with the universe.

However, those of us who have experienced such "emptiness" or "silence" know

fixing the ego on 22 Jan 14 at 16:01

The ego is a subtle facet of the living animal body, an illusory consciousness which exists to command and control the human body in the mundane realm.

It can continue to exist after the body dies, but - like the physical body - is always distinct and separable from the eternal divine self.

The ego is a separate "entity" from the divine being. Unlike the divine being, the ego is not a true "being", but only a complex of thought forms. It can

why limit ourselves? on 19 Jan 14 at 12:31

The near-death phenomenon offers a picture of the other side of death that mirrors what quantum physics seeks to uncover and explain - that all is consciousness, and everything else is illusion.

With experiencer estimates running between four to five percent of the general population worldwide, umpteen million are involved - the phenomenon is that widespread.

re-experience of life events on 19 Jan 14 at 12:02

The ceiling of the sky above me rolled back to reveal an infinite light universe, the earth below me dissolved away, and I intuitively understood my soul’s purpose and the nature of the spiritual universe.

(During the following year his soul was pulled away from his body eighty times)
I was made to physically "re-experience" sixty-eight events from previous lives. Thirty-four of these experiences were of my most recent life, including

the eternal now on 19 Jan 14 at 11:57

I felt like ducking as the ceiling was only an inch from me, then I was outside, moving through very dark, very vast space. (She saw small, round, glowing spheres around her that she came to realise were lost souls. Before she could react..) Very rapidly I was enveloped within this most divine, living, golden-white light, my HOME. The joy, bliss, humility, awe were beyond human capability to bear. The LIGHT was an infinite, loving, accepting BEING without form. IT had personality. IT communicated with me telepathically. IT was pure TRUTH.

this is who you really are on 19 Jan 14 at 11:53

Time ceased to exist. Past and future were completely nonexistent. I was traveling in an intense, burning "now". "Now" was everything. I ceased to be a noun (person, place, or thing) and became a verb (an action). I was Ray-ing, instead of Ray. I was given a huge message. The Being told me: "This is Who You Really Are", as the Universe opened up to me. I could not tell the difference between myself and the infinite galaxies. I became all-powerful and all-knowing – yet I was still Ray.

no coming back on 19 Jan 14 at 11:48

I noticed everything – sky, buildings, glass – emitted its own light. And everything was much more colourful... a river meandered around. On the other side was a city, and a road running through it to another city, and another city, and another and another. Right in front of me but across the river were three men. They projected themselves to me. They didn’t walk or fly; they projected over... I knew these three men were looking out for me, like a welcoming committee to escort me over the river to the first city. I had the feeling that if I went with them, there would be no coming back, so I

beautiful landscape and eternal youth on 19 Jan 14 at 11:31

Gradually the earth scene faded away, and through it loomed a bright, new, beautiful world – beautiful beyond imagination! For half a minute I could see both worlds at once. Finally, when the earth was all gone, I stood in a glory that could only be heaven.

In the background were two beautiful, round-topped mountains, similar to Fujiyama in Japan. The tops were snowcapped, and the slopes were adorned with foliage of indescribable beauty. The mountains appeared to be about fifteen

are we willing to save ourselves? on 18 Oct 13 at 11:51

Are we able to say that life is governed by a group of conscious people? Where are they? Who are they? We see exactly the opposite: that life is governed by those who are the least conscious, by those who are most asleep.

This is a teaching of Gurdjieff. He sees our modern wars as nothing more than millions of sleeping people trying to annihilate millions of other sleeping people. And it is easy to see that the same sleeping forces are behind the current escalating

as within, so without on 08 May 13 at 12:26

Our outer world reflects our inner world: as within, so without. This principle - known as the Law of Correspondence - says that our outward reality is a mirror of what is going on deep within. So, if we are unhappy, or if our lives seem chaotic or unfulfilling, this is a direct result of what is happening inside us. If we lack self respect, lack faith in ourselves, or feel anger, hatred or loathing for others, then our outer world will be a place of turmoil.

the evolution of the soul on 02 May 13 at 22:10

desire and experience

The evolutionary journey of the soul, from life to life, is based on the soul gradually resolving its desires through experiences in the drama of life on Earth. Each successive life - each incarnation - is created in such a way as to resolve those desires within the soul that remain unresolved from previous lives. As the soul progresses from life to life, it gradually exhausts all desires, until the only desire that remains is to reunite with the Source: to

ultimate reality on 02 May 13 at 08:41

Holy means pure, as in divine, undefiled, uncorrupted, unconditioned: a combination of love, peace, and strength. Every one of us is pure at the core of our being - a radiant source of golden love-light - pure consciousness, life itself, eternal, never created or destroyed, beyond the constraints of time, space, and matter.

This deepest part of the self is very seldom recognised in daily life. We shut it out. Our experiences of life on earth, incarnated in an animal body of

salvation on 01 May 13 at 21:54

We face the greatest challenge that our species has ever faced. Let us meet it with absolutely open hearts and open minds. Let us face the consequences of our own human misbehaviour on the collective level, and heal that, starting from within. Let us develop a new outgoing relationship to one another, and to our sacred planet.

The basic skill that is required in doing this is the capacity to silence your mind. This is the first stage of meditation. Once we silence the mind, we find

join hands on 27 Feb 13 at 09:33

The society we live in is predominantly self-centered. Success is defined as gathering more possessions or plaudits than one's neighbour. Primitive instincts urge us to protect ourselves and our families from a hostile world. We crave our own space. We compete against each other for control of our environment. We seek independence.

But we need each other. Over many centuries, we have created a highly complex civilisation. We have evolved systems of government to organise us and protect

the pineal gland on 28 Jan 13 at 15:16

The Pineal Gland is an important part of your nervous system. It is shrouded in mystery, but is essentially a spiritual antenna, the mystical third eye that ancient traditions talk about. For many eons, the third eye has been seen as a way to reach higher levels of consciousness while still being present in a physical body.

The pineal gland is seen as being the "seat of the soul" or the "spiritual gateway to all realms and all dimensions". Before you can reach this spiritual

let the dog wag the tail on 24 Jan 13 at 22:25

I believe in our inherent divinity. I have experienced it many times, and in a variety of ways. We are divine beings - lets call it souls - and souls are eternal and indestructible.

The manifest universe (and all other universes - astral, mental, and dream worlds for example) is our own creation, and we are masters of it. Our normal everyday consciousness is an illusion. We are slaves only to our own egos - our false selves - and only because we believe in the illusion, and have

conceptions of God on 20 Jan 13 at 11:38

As a teenager I was an atheist, and scientific rationalist. This was my response, from an early age, to the feeble attempts of my churchy parents and The Church of Scotland to teach me their path.

But once I hit my 20s, I became more and more aware of receiving subtle guidance, and assistance in times of crisis. I was soon believing absolutely in God on the basis of these experiences. For a long while I thought it was God that was guiding, supporting, and talking to me, and I never thought

The Alchemist on 10 Jan 13 at 15:45

A head-centred approach to self-transformation and ascension - focusing on divine understanding - a handbook for those who need to know why?

Malfunction Terminal on 21 Dec 12 at 00:38

You are on a long distance train, the Snowball Express, making your way to your home town of Prosperity, in Redemption Valley. You have to change to a local train at Malfunction City.

The Snowball Express is a fast smooth modern train, with electric doors, automated announcement system, comfortable seating, and a restaurant car with bar. The train is full, and most of your fellow passengers are asleep, or inebriated, or both. You are awake and watching out of the window - your watch

the ages of man on 22 Nov 12 at 14:04

The "Ages of Man" are the stages of human existence on the Earth according to Greek mythology: these ideas are reflected in other traditions also.

Hindu/Vedic Yugas

Yuga (युग) in Hindu philosophy is the name of an "epoch" or "era" within a cycle of four ages. These

the cosmic egg on 22 Nov 12 at 13:16

A cosmic egg (or "world egg") is a mythological motif found in the creation myths of many cultures and civilizations. Typically, the world egg is a beginning of some sort, and the universe or some primordial being comes into existence by "hatching" from the egg, sometimes lain on the primordial waters of the Earth.

The earliest ideas of egg-shaped cosmos come from some of the Sanskrit scriptures: the Sanskrit term for it is Brahmanda (Brahm means "Cosmos" or

beyond entheogens on 19 Oct 12 at 14:43

Entheogens have a role as "gateways of perception". They show us what is beyond "normal" consciousness. In my experiences taking magic mushrooms, many times, many years ago, when taken in a suitable setting, with an appropriate attitude (that of spiritual seeker), they kick started me on my spiritual journey. Through them I was taught many things, including the realisation that true spiritual progress requires a natural drug-free approach of working on the self through meditation and self checking. It was made clear to me that lasting enlightenment cannot be reached through simply taking any

Quotes on The Golden Age on 28 Sep 12 at 15:27

There were no gods in the First Age, and there were no demons. The First Age was without disease; there was no lessening with the years; there was no hatred, or vanity, or evil thought whatsoever; no sorrow, no fear. In those times, men lived as long as they chose to live, and were without fear of death.

[ The

BapDada on the Golden Age on 23 Sep 12 at 09:13

You emerge your merged sanskaras of the Golden Age of a kalpa ago, and then there will be the automatic experience of being princes and princesses. When these Golden Aged sanskaras emerge then there will be the clear experiences of the systems and customs of the Golden Age. It will be so clearly emerged that you can experience it as if it happened only yesterday.

The meaning of the Golden Age is that all comforts are present: all the comforts given by nature, comforts of the soul, of the intellect, mind, and

my spiritual path on 20 Sep 12 at 14:56

In my teenage years I was atheist. I had been put right off religion by childhood force-feeding on the Church of Scotland, which I found dead and nonsensical, and still do. Because I dismissed them, I also dismissed God, and spirituality. At that age, I didn't know there were any alternatives. Then, in my twenties, I was married to a spiritual and psychic lady, who by sheer weight of evidence (poltergeist activity, talking in tongues, telepathic experiences - and this was just the start of it) forced me out of my rational atheisim. When the marriage fell apart I took a sabbatical from work and moved

mystical experience on 20 Sep 12 at 14:22

Mystical experience is intuitive. There is a sudden illumination in the dead of night, or a flash of lightning in the darkness. A single mystical experience may last only a minute but be a defining moment in one's life, a yardstick against which the truth of subsequent mundane experiences are measured.

Mystical experiences are difficult to talk about, as they transcend language, and are intensely personal. They are given, by the grace of God, and cannot be

white light experience on 20 Sep 12 at 13:41

I looked down and saw that I was staring at my body which was sort of curled up on the ground. A pool of blood was forming around my stomach.

As I stared at my body I felt a compulsion to move up, so I did. As I journeyed further from my body the world seemed to melt away, and after a time, I found myself someplace else; it was a vast expansive empty space. Up, down, left, and right seemed to stretch for as far as I could see and it all seemed to be empty but it wasn't dark. Amid this space there were balls of

near death experience on 20 Sep 12 at 12:49

The term "near-death experience" (NDE) refers to a broad range of personal experiences associated with impending death. NDEs are usually reported after an individual has been pronounced clinically dead, or otherwise very close to death, hence the term "near-death". However, many NDE reports also originate from events that are not life-threatening.

Experiences in an NDE typically include some or all of the following:

the nurture of virtue on 13 Sep 12 at 12:16

Truth is considered to be one of the most prized virtues, and yet if it is spoken in anger it becomes tainted: the content may be truthful, but the vicious delivery has now turned it into a weapon. The lack of care and sensitivity means the speaker has given away any righteousness, and their message is now coloured by their anger, and has become something else: perhaps revenge, cruelty, or intimidation. The content has been lost, due to the delivery. Truth can only retain its virtue if it is paired up with other virtues, such as empathy, kindness or love. The pairing is determined by the

(untitled) on 31 Aug 12 at 23:35
The Fourth Way on 23 Aug 12 at 13:52

The Fourth Way is an approach to self-development taught by G.I. Gurdjieff, who developed it over years of travel in the East. It combines three established traditional "ways" or "schools" - body, emotions, and mind - into a fourth way.

The three traditional schools, or ways - of fakirs (body), monks (emotion), and , yogis (mind) - are permanent forms which have survived throughout history mostly unchanged, and are based on religion.

dance upon the demonic dwarf on 14 Aug 12 at 17:51

The world is already caught in the vortex of apocalyptic events. We are being sucked into the oncoming singularity. Our only alternative is to dance, like the archetypal Shiva Nataraj, Lord of the Cosmic Dance, upon the demonic dwarf of the ego, and pass through the ring of fire fearlessly, as yogis being purified in the sacrificial flame.

standing up for the goats on 26 May 12 at 12:18

This seems a bit harsh on goats... but in line with their common (western) association with Satan. Christianity is a dualist faith, meaning that everything is separated into black or white, evil or good, as is the case here. My own beliefs are, like Hinduism, monistic, whereby black and white cannot exist without each other, and are both aspects of one reality (cosmic energy). Consequently I do not believe in the allocation of souls, upon death, to either heaven or hell: rather, everything

eschatology on 26 May 12 at 03:33

Eschatology (from the Greek eschaton meaning "last" and -logy meaning "the study of") is a part of theology, philosophy, and futurology concerned with what are believed to be the final events of history, the ultimate destiny of humanity - commonly referred to as the end of the world or the "World to Come".

The Oxford English Dictionary defines eschatology as "The department of theological science concerned with "the four last things: death, judgement,

sheep or goat? on 25 May 12 at 23:17

From Matthew 25:31–46:

But when the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then he will sit on the throne of his glory. Before him all the nations will be gathered, and he will separate them one from another, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

Ashtanga Vinyasa system of Yoga on 26 Apr 12 at 18:37

Ashtanga yoga literally means "eight-limbed yoga," as postulated by the sage Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. According to Patanjali, the path of Tattwa Shuddhi (internal purification) for accessing the Universal Consciousness (Brahman) consists of the following eight Sadhanas or spiritual practices:

(1) Yama (The five abstentions): non-violence, non-lying, non- covetousness, non-sensuality, and non-possessiveness.

the spirit world on 27 Mar 12 at 17:46

The world of spirits is rather like our own world, and the newly dead are often unaware of their transition, and linger on, still trying to gratify their carnal desires. However, unlike in our world, where we can say one thing and think another, the spirit world is a state of being, where you simply are what you appear to be. Everyone there speaks the way they think, and displays their true intentions in their expressions and gestures. In the spirit world there is no avoiding the truth.

spiritual healing on 27 Mar 12 at 13:19

There are no mistakes on the spiritual journey, only experiences that invite us to learn more about ourselves. Nothing on the journey happens by chance. Everything is divinely orchestrated. Our past actions (karma) produce reactions (karmic return) in the form of obstacles and dramas in our lives. Each superficial problem we encounter is a powerful opportunity to learn something deeper about ourselves, and to heal ourselves spiritually.

We peel away layers of programming, like layers of the onion, gradually

the attainment of spiritual power on 26 Mar 12 at 18:42

Political power is the capacity to coerce others, overtly or covertly, to do one's will. This capacity resides in a position, such as a kingship or presidency, or else in money. It does not reside in the person who occupies the position or possesses the money. Consequently physical power is unrelated to goodness or wisdom. Very stupid and very evil people have walked as kings upon the earth.

Spiritual power, however, resides entirely within the individual, and has

awakening from the darkness on 15 Mar 12 at 11:18

For too long we, the human race, have been asleep spiritually.

We have forgotten our divinity and worthiness, and we have given away our power and uniqueness. We have allowed a few to control and mould us en-masse into something we are not by nature. We have let others impose limitations on us, thinking mistakenly that this will make us feel accepted, loved, valued or safe. This is why there is so much pain and suffering within the world.

the Alpha and the Omega on 14 Mar 12 at 10:09

Our capacity to love, the urge to grow and evolve, is "breathed into" us by God. Why does God want us to grow? What are we growing toward? Where is the end point, the goal of evolution?

God wants us to become Himself (or Herself or Itself).

We are growing towards Godhood.