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This is a series of articles on the "divine alchemy" of turning our leaden worldly consciousness into golden divine consciousness. I share a system of methods and concepts which have evolved from my experiences over many years of working on my own self-transformation.

_I write these articles primarily for my own spiritual benefit, and whilst hoping that others will benefit from them, I realise that divine alchemy is not for everyone - others will have different roles in this cosmic drama, and different paths to follow. The divine alchemist is essentially a cosmic magician, and this is certainly not an everyman role. These teachings are not for beginners to spirituality, but for those who already accept and understand our basic divinity, and who are looking to go deeper. They are inspired in essence by the teachings of BapDada, who is my ascended guide. But, as he suggests, I have modified his teachings to conform with my own divine experiences and realisations. _

Beware that I am not yet in constant divine consciousness, and accordingly I am fallible. So please take whatever you find to be useful from here, and discard anything which does not resonate with your own experience. Let your direct experience always trump any teaching.

Introduction to Divine Alchemy on 14 Aug 14 at 10:47

Divine Alchemy is the transformation of the self, and of the world around us, through spiritual understanding and practice. Through study, inner contemplation, and deep meditation, we transform ourselves from lost souls into divine masters. With an accurate understanding of the cosmos, and some effort and application, we can easily make our consciousness increasingly divine, such that, over time, we become wise and strong.

Divine Being on 15 Aug 14 at 13:24

The process of ascension begins with the realisation of our true nature. Then we work to establish that awareness in our everyday consciousness.

You are a divine being - a soul. You are not a human body. You are not the voice in your head. You are a divine being, incarnated in your human body for the lifespan of that body only. Your body is just a costume - you can take it off, put it back on, and change it at will. But you, the divine being, are eternal, and you have taken - and will take - many other bodies also.

God on 19 Aug 14 at 13:49

The concept of God has been called by many names, and is described and understood in many different forms. Most religious traditions humanise God in some way or other, though some see God as light, and others see God as omnipresent and formless.

The big western religions conceive God as an omnipotent and omniscient personality, who rules over us, and understands everything, and is responsible for everything. If there is such a God, then he/she/it is doing a very poor

The Cosmos on 22 Aug 14 at 08:48

The cosmos is the realm of all experience - it contains every other realm, except for that of absolute divinity. The physical realm - our physical universe - and the many realms of dreams and imagination, and even the divine realms, are all cosmic illusions.

Beyond the cosmos there is only the formless and unchanging realm of divine water. Within the cosmos, at its' centre, is the divine fire of pure consciousness - the divine being. This divinity cannot experience

Eternity on 26 Aug 14 at 09:07

To the eternal soul, time is a paradox. It is, and yet it is not. We have experiences "in time", and yet we are immortal - beyond time.

To the soul that has come to think of itself as a body, time means the pain of being trapped, imprisoned by limitations and the desires and perspectives which stem from identifying with the body.

But, from a purely divine perspective, there is no time at all. Instead there

The Cosmic Drama on 29 Aug 14 at 08:05

You are a divine being - a soul. Each of us is a soul. As souls, we are immortal, and our natural and eternal state is that of being divine - blissful, loving, peaceful, and in harmony with each other - at one with each other.

As divine beings we create our own cosmic "reality" - each of us has a divine imagination that projects mundane experiences within the divine mind of the soul. In this way we each create our own perception of the cosmos.

The Cosmic Cycle on 02 Sep 14 at 10:43

As already noted, the cosmic illusion of time is not a straight line with a beginning and an end. Rather, time forms a loop, which re-cycles endlessly. Hence, eternity is traditionally represented as a circle, or as an infinity loop: ∞. And every event that takes place in the cosmos, within that loop, is our own dramatic creation, as divine beings.

For each of us it is as if we are spontaneously creating our own great epic movie, in which we play the starring roles; and this long epic covers every

The Law of Karma on 05 Sep 14 at 08:47

Most of us have heard of The Law of Karma, but few understand its depths. This one divine law governs every aspect of the Cosmic Drama, and so it is very helpful to have a full understanding of it.

Karma simply means "action", the expression of the energy of your consciousness through the body. The Law of Karma states that you get what you give. It is not a law in the sense of being a rule that must be followed - rather it is an unavoidable reality, an inherent aspect of the functioning of

Judgement on 09 Sep 14 at 18:15

The Law of Karma ensures that every action produces an appropriate reaction. Every selfish action we have performed in this life, and in previous lives, which we have not already atoned for individually, has to be atoned for, one way or another.

Karmic balances can be carried forward through many incarnations, further obscuring the mechanism, as karmic balance is an attribute of the eternal soul and not the body. But ultimately, at the end of each cycle, the

The Subtle Realms on 14 Sep 14 at 16:38

There are many realms within the Cosmos. There are realms that are more mundane than divine, and realms that are more divine than mundane.

the mundane realms

The most mundane realm is the most obvious - our everyday physical realm - the

The Divine Fire on 20 Sep 14 at 12:39

Our past thoughts, words, and actions have created a web of conditioning and karmic debts which are now binding and restricting us - stifling our divine selves from expressing our innate love, virtue, strength, and understanding. To become our true selves - to achieve our divine potential - we must free ourselves from these restrictions.

Whilst we all continue to face challenging scenes of drama - designed to reveal our bonds to us, and to give us opportunities to unravel them -

Guardians and Guides on 28 Sep 14 at 08:46

Divine alchemy is achieved by invoking our innate divinity. We do this repeatedly and increasingly, until divine consciousness becomes our natural everyday consciousness. But to begin with, most of us require an intermediary to achieve this - a spiritual guide.

Initially our guides may be other people like ourselves, who are engaged in becoming angelic, but who can already forge their own connection - that is they can go into divine consciousness and receive an inflow of divine energy,

Personal Alchemy on 04 Oct 14 at 10:03

The world desperately needs a change of direction from mankind at this time. But we cannot transform the world, until we first transform ourselves. And we cannot achieve anything within ourselves unless we first accept the need for inner change. So each of us has to take responsibility personally for our own individual destiny.

And so we - each of us - learn how to transform our own selves. We work on ourselves to transform our leaden mundane restrictions into the subtle gold of

Divine Consciousness on 12 Oct 14 at 09:30

There are various techniques and aspects to personal alchemy, but they all come down to the inculcation of divine consciousness. We learn to enter divine consciousness, and to stay there stable and focused. We learn to surrender all of our mundane attachments and distractions, so that our inner divine light can radiate out without restriction. All else follows from this. No amount of knowledge or understanding can substitute for the practical experience of being in divine states of consciousness. Indeed you will not even appreciate the importance of this unless you are already in divine

Surrender on 16 Oct 14 at 04:43

In order to be able to enter divine consciousness at will, and to stay there stable and focused, and to bring that consciousness into our everyday lives, we have to learn to surrender all of our mundane attachments and distractions. Only then can our inner divine light radiate out without restriction.

Have you surrendered? Have you surrendered completely? What is total surrender? It is not a case of surrendering ourselves to others. Rather, we

Cleanliness on 20 Oct 14 at 07:20

Do you have the consciousness of being light and free - of feeling bodiless, ethereal, detached from the body and its desires? You can have this consciousness whilst remaining in your physical body. The awareness of your body fades into the background, and you feel light, peaceful, comfortable, at ease. This is divine consciousness, where the divine self predominates over the mundane ego-self.

We gain this consciousness through meditation. The meditative state is a

Chakras on 26 Oct 14 at 10:31

Chakras are very important in divine alchemy, as they are the energy vortexes that connect our physical and subtle bodies with the cosmic rays of various vibrations that sustain and influence us.

There are seven main chakras in the human body, corresponding with the seven main cosmic rays, and these are well known, so I will just review them briefly here.

The Third Eye on 02 Nov 14 at 11:34

The aim of divine alchemy is primarily the opening of the heart chakra, so that the heart becomes a divine sun of radiant love. But to achieve this fully, in a balanced way, we must also open the third eye - the brow chakra, located on the lower forehead. This is the seat of divine will, and of intuition - that is , the third eye is the seat of of divine consciousness.

The third eye chakra is the centre for clairvoyance, visions, and

Love and Light on 09 Nov 14 at 12:15

Are you sitting in divine consciousness? Are you basking in the light of the divine host?

In order to achieve and retain divine consciousness, we should keep examining the extent of our virtue, and in doing this our vices will make themselves apparent. Consider - what are your main virtues at the moment? Have you become the living embodiment of these? And which virtues do you need to work on developing? We should focus on developing whatever virtues we still lack.

Effort on 16 Nov 14 at 11:38

Are you loving? Whom do you have love for? Do you love yourself? Do you love your fellow beings? What else do you have love for? Do you love this work of transforming yourself?

When we have love for transforming our ego-selves, we will also have love for others. And those who have love for others are also loved by others. Love begets love. And so, by making effort to transform the self through becoming loving, we also become loved by others. This is how to achieve personal

Discipline on 22 Nov 14 at 12:14

Are you happy and content? Is there any need to ask about your well-being? There should be no need to ask this any more, because you are growing up. You now have the key to divine alchemy - the key to transformation of the ego-self - and, if you make effort to practice this, you will become more content and happy as each day passes. You are learning to stand on your own two feet. You are becoming strong and independent. You are being liberated.

It is through making ourselves strong that we play our part in changing this

The Point on 29 Nov 14 at 12:44

Sit in deep meditation and merge with the divine oneness. To do this, remember your essential form of a point of divine golden light. As a divine being, you radiate the subtle golden light of divine love. This light radiates constantly - always - from the infinitesimal point of divinity that is you.

This consciousness - of being divine, a point source of divine light - is very powerful. It is this consciousness that create the intense red light of

Faith and Focus on 08 Dec 14 at 17:36

In order to find the self-discipline to make continual effort to transform yourself, you must believe in yourself and what you are doing.

Do you have faith in yourself? Do you have faith in the cosmos? Do you have faith that the Cosmic Drama is your friend and will support you? Do you have faith in all of divinity?

Determination on 14 Dec 14 at 15:40

Are you making progress in transforming yourself? Your progress becomes quick and easy when you recognise and understand that you are a divine being, and when - through constant and determined effort - you bring that divinity into your everyday practical life. If your progress remains slower than you wish, then this indicates that you either lack understanding, or you lack determination, so that one obstruction or another keeps holding you back.

Self-Sovereign on 21 Dec 14 at 12:29

Those of us who are now working on ourselves - working to rapidly elevate our consciousness - are leading the way for others. As we fill ourselves with love and light, we become beacons shining in the darkness to show others the way forward.

At this time of our ascension, each of us transforms our own consciousness. From being mired in matter, we become divine and free. Through our own effort, discipline, faith, and focused

Divine Ruler of the Mundane Self on 27 Dec 14 at 13:37

Are you self sovereign - a divine ruler of your mundane self? Do you embody the unlimited willpower, strength, love, virtue, and understanding, of the divine you? That is, have you become divine in your everyday behaviour?

It is spending time in divine consciousness that makes our everyday behaviour become increasingly divine. In divine consciousness, our innate divine qualities are revealed through our everyday behaviour. Through the divine inspiration of intuition, we respond appropriately and precisely to scenes of

The Fortress of Divine Protection on 03 Jan 15 at 10:24

One of the aims of divine alchemy is to make ourselves strong. Each of us works on transforming ourselves into a beacon of divine love and light. We are learning to walk the earth as angelic beings and spiritual masters - masters of divinity, masters of the material realm, masters of the cosmos. Together we form a divine force. God - the divine source - is the Captain of this force, always unseen, but always there with unlimited strength. And God's angels are the guards, whilst we are the new recruits. The divine realm is the subtle fort of the angels - the

The Tree of Life on 11 Jan 15 at 14:25

From the seed of divine being - from divinity itself - grows the Tree of Life. Every incarnation of every soul is a leaf on the Tree of Life. The cycle of the Tree of Life is another metaphor for the Cosmic Cycle.

Originally the Tree is just a Sapling, with only a few leaves. Each of these leaves representing an incarnation of a Golden Spring soul - that is, a soul who takes their first incarnation(s) in the Golden Spring. There is only one branch - the trunk - representing the unity of all souls at that time: in the

Discretion on 08 Feb 15 at 09:48

Are you transforming? Are you ascending? Can you tell? Do you have the discretion to tell how you are doing - to see and recognise your own state of consciousness? Can you tell to what extent your behaviour has become divine? And can you see the divinity in others, and distinguish that from the darkness that is also in them?

Why am I asking this? In our everyday tasks in this mundane world, we associate with people all around who are primarily trapped in a dense heavy

Divine Will on 16 Feb 15 at 10:40

Are you determined? Do you have willpower? When you decide to make changes, do you follow through?

When we are languishing in ego-consciousness, determination requires self- discipline and application - we have to deliberately and wilfully make the required changes in our lives, and this can feel quite tedious - it is hard work. But as we work on ourselves to release the divine self from its ego-imposed bondage, our natural divine will becomes active

Repetition on 21 Feb 15 at 09:15

In divine alchemy, there are only a few aspects to learn and master, and most of these are themselves inter-related, being different ways of approaching the same thing. It all comes down to virtue and divine consciousness. There are many aspects around that, but the core of divine alchemy is to embrace the virtue of divinity, and the clarity and empowerment that comes from divine consciousness.

There are only so many ways to say the same thing, and so I have to repeat

Detached Observer on 03 Mar 15 at 07:13

Are you stable in divine consciousness? Are you unshakeable, immovable, and constant in that consciousness? This is the aim of personal alchemy - to be always in such an elevated consciousness.

When you are stable in divine consciousness, then you will see everything from the viewpoint of a detached observer - you will have an easy detachment from mundane matters, but will remain observant and loving. You will be always in the moment - cheerful, free, easy, and full of love for others - whilst

Balance on 08 Mar 15 at 11:09

A divine alchemist must be free of any bondage or burden. This is why we must master personal alchemy first. Through the practices of self-transformation, we liberate our divine qualities from the many bonds and burdens that were suppressing our divine selves. That is, we inculcate virtue and freedom, and we renounce all that is vicious and oppressive in us.

The goal of personal alchemy is self-liberation. We each focus on adopting our