Introduction to Divine Alchemy

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Divine Alchemy is the transformation of the self, and of the world around us, through spiritual understanding and practice. Through study, inner contemplation, and deep meditation, we transform ourselves from lost souls into divine masters. With an accurate understanding of the cosmos, and some effort and application, we can easily make our consciousness increasingly divine, such that, over time, we become wise and strong.


To change the world (let alone the entire cosmos), we must first change ourselves. So, self-transformation is a pre-requisite for cosmic transformation, and accordingly I will first take you through personal alchemy, which is the process of self-transformation. I will then introduce you to the principles of cosmic transformation ( cosmic alchemy ). I will explain what each process is, and why we are doing it, and will repeat the core knowledge over and over from different perspectives, so that it can sink in.

The knowledge here - though unconventional - is very simple. In the process of self transformation, self-discipline is more essential than intellect, and action is more important than argument. This is about becoming, and not just about knowing or understanding. It is a practical subject, not an intellectual theory. We literally transform ourselves psychically and spiritually, and in doing so we transform the world around us.

The Divine Alchemist

A divine alchemist is divinely self-centred, and has the mantra: "I am divine". A divine alchemist is dedicated to all of divine creation - dedicated to emerging the angelic aspects of themselves and others, and indeed of the whole cosmos.

The role of the divine alchemist is cosmic alchemy - including world- transformation - through personal alchemy.

The aim of the divine alchemist is to create balance in each of us, and in the cosmos as a whole, through the channeling of divine energies. The divine alchemist aims to ascend the mundane cosmos towards the heavens, through bringing heavenly perfection down to Earth. It is about merging and blending, and the transformation of what was heavy and dark into that which is full of love and light. The ultimate aim of the divine alchemist is to bring all of the cosmos into balance and harmony.

The approach of the divine alchemist centres on cosmic understanding, and divine connection. His or her primary tools are meditation and contemplation.

Divine Being

The starting point of the knowledge you require is to understand and appreciate fully that you are not a human body, here for one life only. Rather, you are a divine being - an eternal radiant deity - inhabiting a human body temporarily, for a purpose of your own choosing. It is your innate divinity that will achieve your transformation. You will learn how to become the embodiment of that innate divinity, by freeing yourself from the bondage of mundane experience. You will learn how to re-establish the divine consciousness of your true self in your everyday life, so that your everyday actions become divinely inspired, instead of being driven by selfish and fearful ego.


You will learn also about the nature of the "reality" that we find ourselves living in. You will learn why this time now is called "the Age of Ascension" - a particular time in the development of the Cosmos when we divine beings in animal bodies learn to transform our everyday consciousness from the selfish mundane awareness of the ego-self, to the selfless divine consciousness of the true self.

We learn to ascend individually. The steps to master divine alchemy are personal, first and foremost. We focus on transforming our own everyday consciousness from mundane to divine, and consequently on transforming our own behaviour from selfish and vicious to loving and benevolent. As we achieve this, it then becomes natural for us to help others to do likewise.


In ascending individually, we unite as one divine force. Divine awareness is a state of union and co-operation, of absolute empathy with each other. And so, as we progress with our own self-transformations, we automatically start acting together to reinstate the cosmic balance that we - humankind - have previously upset. This is cosmic alchemy - the transformation of not just the world, but of our entire cosmos, from its current earthbound and imbalanced state to a state of perfect balance and harmony between the mundane and the divine.

And so, this mundane world - that we share our experiences in - will ultimately be brought back into harmony with our own innate divinity. The catalyst for this cosmic transformation is the personal self-transformation of the few of us who are leading the way in ascension. From just one candle, a great many other candles can be lit. And so we first focus on lighting our own candles.


As you are reading this, it is very likely that you are one of the lucky few who are now preparing to lead the way in ascension. If so, then you are in for a delightful rocket ride!

Welcome to the arcane and enlightening world of divine alchemy. Open your mind, and open your heart, and enjoy the journey.