Divine Being

from / deepian / going beyond / alchemy / divine alchemy    posted by Ian Howie   on 15 Aug 14 at 13:24  

The process of ascension begins with the realisation of our true nature. Then we work to establish that awareness in our everyday consciousness.

You are a divine being - a soul. You are not a human body. You are not the voice in your head. You are a divine being, incarnated in your human body for the lifespan of that body only. Your body is just a costume - you can take it off, put it back on, and change it at will. But you, the divine being, are eternal, and you have taken - and will take - many other bodies also.

What you previously thought of as "me" is not you, but a temporary body, and an illusory ego-self which comes with that temporary body. The voice in your head pretends to be you, but it is not you. Your true self - the real you - is eternal, changeless, and indestructible. The real you radiates unlimited divine love, and has unlimited spiritual strength. The real you is divine and perfect - full of all virtues, and free of any vice. The real you is immaculate. The real you is God-like. The real you is a deity.

So, start by pondering the nature of your true divine self: what is the nature and form of the real you - the divine being?

Your nature is divine love, pure and simple - real love, true love, unlimited love, love for all of divinity, love for all of creation, selfless love, benevolent love, compassionate love. With that love comes perfect purity, and from that purity comes all virtue, and limitless strength. Nothing can harm or corrupt a divine being.

Your eternal form is that of an infinitesimal point of divine consciousness, from which your divine love and purity radiate as subtle golden love-light. To be infinitesimal means to have no physical existence - no body. You are not physical or material. You are divine consciousness.

But, as a divine being, you also have a soul. Indeed you can say that you are a soul, because your soul is inseparable from your consciousness, and is part of your eternal self. So what is this soul?

As a conscious divine being, you have the ability to create. You have divine imagination, and with this you create your own cosmos - your own set of experiences in matter, space, and time, and also your dreams and thoughts. Everything you ever experience is created by yourself in interaction with all other divine beings. Each of us creates our own perception of cosmic "reality" - and we each do this within our own soul-body. This soul-body surrounds the divine being and is inseparable from it. It is visible in pure divine consciousness as an egg-shaped form of subtle orange light, surrounding the radiant point of divine being.

So the soul is the divine mind and memory. It retains every detail of every experience you ever have, in every incarnation that you ever take - that is, it contains your entire eternal creation. The soul includes the divine being - the creative consciousness. The divine being is the creator, and the soul-body contains the creation. The two are inseparable - there cannot be one without the other - and together they form the soul.

So, what we think of as "the real world" is all an illusion, created by you - the divine being. In divine reality there are only divine beings and soul- bodies. That is, there are only souls. All else is illusion which we create for our own entertainment.

So, your objective now is to re-establish the divine consciousness of your true self in your everyday life, so that your everyday actions become divinely inspired, instead of being driven by selfish and fearful ego.

There is nothing more liberating than realising your true nature. Once you understand who and what you truly are, you can liberate yourself from the bondage of your illusions. Once you see and understand everything from the divine perspective, you gain full mastery over your own creation. Accordingly you can take complete charge of your own destiny.

So, to start this process, visualise yourself as a divine being.

Sit in meditation, and repeat to yourself:

  • I am a divine being.
  • I am a soul.
  • I am eternal.
  • I am immortal.
  • I am love.
  • I am light.
  • I am peace.
  • I am bliss.
  • I am virtue.
  • I am strength.
  • I am understanding.
  • I create my own reality.
  • I am divine.

Visualise your mind and body filled with golden light.

Can you feel your own divinity?