The Cosmic Drama

from / deepian / going beyond / alchemy / divine alchemy    posted by Ian Howie   on 29 Aug 14 at 08:05  

You are a divine being - a soul. Each of us is a soul. As souls, we are immortal, and our natural and eternal state is that of being divine - blissful, loving, peaceful, and in harmony with each other - at one with each other.

As divine beings we create our own cosmic "reality" - each of us has a divine imagination that projects mundane experiences within the divine mind of the soul. In this way we each create our own perception of the cosmos.

The totality of these experiences forms our own view of the cosmos, and each of us has a different perception of the cosmos, because each one of us has distinctly different cosmic experiences. And so, each of us has a unique divine personality, reflecting our individual cosmic experiences.

So, every cosmic experience we have is our own dramatic creation, from our own thoughts - from our own divine imagination. Each of us has our own individual perception of the cosmos - our own personal cosmos - but we are also influenced by the imagination and experience of others, so that in mundane consciousness we perceive only one cosmos which we all share in common.

Each of us, within our own cosmic perception, experiences a sequence of thoughts and actions, each of which produces a resulting reaction; and it is this ordered sequence of creation and reaction that produces the illusion of time moving forward. But this illusion of time exists only within our cosmic experiences. In pure divine consciousness there is no time or change - only an endless now, an unchanging totality of experience, that is - like divine being itself - eternal and fixed.

So, the illusions of time and change exists only within the cosmos - that is, within the perception - the apparent experience - of the divine being.

But these are not the only illusions in the cosmos. Space, and even matter itself, are also cosmic illusions. Everything we ever see, touch, feel, hear, taste, or otherwise experience, is the product our own imaginations. Each of us creates our own thoughts and cosmic perceptions, but we influence the creations of each other, and so we share our imaginations, to create our shared experience of the one cosmos.

And so, a Cosmic Drama is created, of great complexity and wonder. The cosmos is the stage, and each soul is an actor in this drama, each playing a distinct part, in a distinct costume, with a distinct personality. Our physical bodies are our costumes, and our egos are our on-stage personalities - the parts we play.

Everything in this Cosmic Drama is predestined, as if it is following a script, and every bodily incarnation we take is as a player in this drama. Each of us is always simply playing a role. This drama takes place on the stage of the world. It is all a grand cosmic game that we souls play to entertain ourselves with experiences.

As actors - that is, as souls in divine consciousness - we can observe our own performances in this drama as detached observers, knowing that we are the actors, and that we are not the parts that we are playing. However, whilst playing our parts - that is, whilst experiencing our mundane incarnations in human form - we often get so absorbed in our performance of the drama that we forget our true identities as actors - as souls. We lose our detachment and forget that we are observers, and instead we identify with our parts - our temporary roles in the drama. This mistaken identity can bring us a lot of sorrow and suffering.

So, this Cosmic Drama is performed by all of us souls as actors working in co- operation with each other. And this drama has many props - the many illusions of space, time, matter.

We have already had the analogy of a movie. The frames of the movie are each still, but when they are shown in sequence they create the illusion of movement. In fact, when we watch a movie, there is nothing there but moving patterns of light on a screen. And yet we are transported into a realistic world of experience and drama. Both time and space appear as part of the illusion. We have the experience of living the drama in the movie - whilst watching it, it temporarily becomes real for us.

In this Cosmic Drama, everything that we think and do influences others, and affects their experience. Every intention and every act of each of us will have repercussions later on in the drama. This drama is the creation of divine beings - that is, of divine perfection - and so it always resolves itself perfectly by the end. The cosmos as a whole remains always in balance, and so the drama - when seen as a whole - is absolutely fair and just. It is only from within the drama - when we get engrossed in certain scenes - that we have the illusion of injustice. By the conclusion of this drama, there will be no loose ends remaining.

So, we souls are divine actors. The mundane world and its' contents are the stage and props for the divinely-scripted drama that we are playing. We each play our own parts in this mundane drama, on the world stage, in front of everyone else. In doing this we fake the personalities of the characters that we are playing - we "wear masks". These masks - these fake personalities - are our mundane egos.

We only experience problems in performing this drama when we forget that we are divine actors, and instead identify with our mundane parts and the false personalities that we are playing. This identification with our parts and our masks will produce a convincing and compelling performance in our drama. But if we are unable to also stand back in our minds and remember that we are only acting, then we will suffer psychological traumas from identification with the trials and tribulations of the characters we play. We must remember that these characters and experiences are only the imaginary scenes of the drama, and then we can stay detached from the "reality" of those scenes.

So, even whilst continuing to play our parts in the drama, we should remember that we are simply wearing masks, and playing roles in a drama. We should always take care that we are not taken over by these illusory characters that we play, but retain awareness of our true roles as divine actors.