The Cosmic Cycle

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As already noted, the cosmic illusion of time is not a straight line with a beginning and an end. Rather, time forms a loop, which re-cycles endlessly. Hence, eternity is traditionally represented as a circle, or as an infinity loop: ∞. And every event that takes place in the cosmos, within that loop, is our own dramatic creation, as divine beings.

For each of us it is as if we are spontaneously creating our own great epic movie, in which we play the starring roles; and this long epic covers every experience that we ever have, in every incarnation that we ever take. Each of us, as divine beings, creates such a movie, lasting many lifetimes, where we play out our many varied roles, through successive incarnations, in this Cosmic Drama. We are actors on the stage of the world. We experience many generations of humanity, as civilisations come and go. This is a simple metaphor for our journey of experiences, life after life, in the physical realm.

Our journey starts from a state of blissful innocence - we are children playing in nature's garden, in complete balance and harmony with each other, without a care in the world. The universe nurtures us in easy and magnificent abundance. But we gradually become self-absorbed, losing our simplicity to cleverness, and becoming increasingly sophisticated and self-centred in the games that we play. Increasingly our innate divine consciousness is suppressed by self-centred ego, until we end up decadent, jaded and weary. But finally, we find redemption, as we rediscover our true divine selves. We reconnect with our childhood innocence and virtue, thus completing our cyclical journey.

Over this whole Cosmic Cycle , our thoughts and actions create many troublesome consequences for ourselves; and we battle with these consequences, from life to life. Eventually we learn from our mistakes, detach from our egoic desires, and bring ourselves back to the perfect state of balance and harmony that we began from. We are now approaching that perfect state

This is the time of ascension for us and for our world. At this time we transform ourselves, and through transforming ourselves, we transform the entire cosmos - our world of experience - also.

day and night

As the twist in the infinity loop - ∞ - suggests, this Cosmic Cycle can be divided into two halves - a cosmic day and a cosmic night. Just as Earthly night succeeds day, and day succeeds night, so too do the cosmic night and day follow on from each other. In this analogy, at present we can be said to be just leaving the darkest part of the night, and approaching the dawning of the day.

The dark night of the old world is being replaced by the bright dawn of the new world. The new world is the same world as the old world; it simply gets renewed, as the Cosmic Drama cycles repeatedly through its' days and nights.

four seasons

Just as the seasons cycle from Spring through Summer, through Fall, through Winter, and back to Spring, in the same way the larger cycle of time the Cosmic Cycle has its seasons: each "day" is represented by a Golden Spring and a Silver Summer, whilst the "night" is represented by a Copper Fall and an Iron Winter. These cosmic seasons are, in many traditions, called "ages" - the Golden Age, the Silver Age, the Copper Age, and the Iron Age - but let us stick for now to the seasons analogy, as we are all familiar with the changing of the seasons, and this is a good representation of how these ages inter- relate and flow into each other.

These four seasons or phases of the cycle of the Cosmic Drama are represented symbolically in ancient archetypes, like the Celtic cross, and the Hindu swastika. The movement through the phases is a process of degradation - of entropy. Of course, the phases merge into each other.

There are two main transitional points: the Fall , where the "day" of the Golden and Silver phases slips into the "night" of the Copper and Iron phases; and the Ascension , which we are now living in, where entropy is reversed and the end of the Iron Winter fades into the dawning of the Golden Spring of the next cycle. These two major transitions are marked by catastrophic events in the scenes of the drama - a deluge of water in the Fall, and a purification by fire in the Ascension.

Let us now consider the seasons of this cycle.

The Golden Spring

Within almost every scripture, mythology and legend, whether the ancient Greeks, the Incas or the Hindus and Aborigines, there are extensive references to a time long ago when the Earth was paradise. The Garden of Eden, Atlantis, Dreamtime, and so on, are references to a time when the world is beautiful, new, and perfect. This is heaven on Earth, not up in the clouds. The material forms of nature are much more perfect and subtle than they are now. Colours are rich and vibrant. Sound is harmonious. The scenes and experiences of this paradise on Earth are beyond our current imaginations.

We divine beings act out our parts as golden children - even as adults we are child-like, innocent, loving, and full of fun. Our consciousness is pure and totally positive. Joy, happiness and harmony are our natural experience and expression. This is the Golden Age of humankind - one land, one people, one language, one culture, one way of life. All of nature exists in perfect harmony with us. Peace and harmony reign supreme.

The Silver Summer

As time moves on, the population grows, and we spread out and separate into several lands and peoples. The "heavenly" existence of the Golden Spring gives way to the Silver Summer, still a time of harmony and oneness - a time when we express our highest and purest personality through a culture of natural love and truth. However, there is a gradual decline in our innocence and lightness, as our human creations - the games we play - disturb the once-perfect scheme of nature. Still, this is a time of great creativity and natural magic.

The Copper Fall

Towards the end of the Silver Summer, the strength of the soul and the purity of consciousness reduce to the critical point where the first soul loses their spiritual awareness and identifies with their human form. This is the first moment of ego-consciousness: "the fall of man". This is Eve eating the apple from the tree of knowledge. Ego-consciousness spreads like a virus to other souls whose spiritual power and identity have also weakened. We forget that we are actors in a Cosmic Drama, and we start to think that we are our bodies. We souls are becoming slaves to our ego-minds.

Reliance on the physical senses for happiness - and the resulting wish for separation and division - lead to the first experiences of conflict, fear and greed. Then there is a great flood, and almost all evidence of the Golden and Silver ages are washed away. This is the flood described in Genesis in the story of Noah's Ark. Also the sinking of Atlantis.

As the Copper Fall sets in, people now disperse across the world, and languages and cultures diverge. Ego-consciousness is taking over from divine- consciousness. The resulting proliferation of conflict and sorrow naturally sparks a search for meaning and purpose. Philosophy and religion became the agents for this search, and various special souls incarnate with a message of truth, inciting people to return to a spiritual way of life. The great prophets - including Abraham, Buddha, Christ, and Mohammed - each bring spiritual guidance, and live by the principles they preach. But, while there are many who listen and admire their teachings, only a few have the strength to follow.

The Iron Winter

As the grip of ego-consciousness increases, the world becomes more dark and complex, as the Iron Winter takes hold. Our libraries are stocked with accounts of this age. It is a recording of the explosion of conflict, division, plundering and pillaging in all directions. Never before have there been so many wars, so many divisions, so much greed and anger or racial tension. Our religions fail us completely, and science and rationality become a new religion, leading mankind ever-deeper into delusions of control and selfish desire, as we lose our connection with nature, and we shut out what was left of the influence of the true divine self. Our ego selves deny the very existence of divinity.

Whilst we may appear to be progressing technologically, human behaviour, human relations, and human consciousness are all regressing to hitherto unseen depths of viciousness and self-destruction. Spirituality and divinity has been all but forgotten about. These are the signs of souls who have lost all access to their divine strength, and thus have lost the ability to live in harmony.


We are now living in the time of Ascension, at the very end of the Iron Winter. This is a very special time when the death-throws of the Iron Winter give way to the bursting vibrance of the Golden Spring - a blissful dawning of a new age. At this time there is massive upheaval, and a rapid regrowth in spirituality. The old gives way to the new, in a process of astonishing and rapid transformation.

This is the phase of spiritual ascension, when the physical process of entropy is rapidly reversed by the divine process of ascension. Our weary and stifled souls are liberated from our self-imposed mundane bondage and karmic debts. At this time we are recharged with divine energy, as we prepare ourselves for our return to heaven on Earth.