Personal Alchemy

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The world desperately needs a change of direction from mankind at this time. But we cannot transform the world, until we first transform ourselves. And we cannot achieve anything within ourselves unless we first accept the need for inner change. So each of us has to take responsibility personally for our own individual destiny.

And so we - each of us - learn how to transform our own selves. We work on ourselves to transform our leaden mundane restrictions into the subtle gold of divine liberation. This is an individual process - a personal journey of self- transformation - personal divine alchemy.

As we work on ourselves to develop a full and conscious understanding of the deep secrets of our Cosmos, we become familiar with our own divinity, and with the nature of that divinity and God. Through a process of constant reiteration, we reprogram ourselves to become always aware - in normal everyday life - of our own eternal divinity, of our endless and selfless love, and of our self mastery and the personal responsibility that comes with it. We learn - each of us learns individually - how to take charge of our own destiny.

We study and master the system of cosmic justice, known as 4423 the Law of Karma], becoming fully aware of the helpful nature of Cosmic Drama, and the Cycle of the cosmic seasons - the variety of times and scenes that we experience in our journeys around the cosmos.

On the basis of our growing understanding, we become increasingly in tune with our innate divinity, and we become increasingly out of tune with the mundane world around us. And so we become detached observers of the Cosmic Drama. We are detached in that we are not longer emotionally affected by the scenes of drama that we observe. But our detachment is neither cold nor clinical: we become very warm and loving to our fellow beings. We become radiant with divinity - beacons of light, ready and willing to guide others through their darkness.

Then, following on from our personal alchemy - our individual self- transformation - we will join forces and collaborate as one divine whole to transform the entire world - the entire mundane realm - the entire cosmos.

For now we will focus on the personal alchemy of self-transformation, as it must be achieved first before we can save the cosmos! Only through first helping ourselves can we then help the world. Only by first transforming ourselves individually can we then transform the world collectively. And so these teachings will now focus, for a while, on the process of personal alchemy.

Four Processes

There are four main processes in divine alchemy - four aspects which we seek to master personally:

  1. understanding
  2. embodiment
  3. invocation
  4. evocation


First you study. You accumulate spiritual knowledge through study. In time - through realisations attained when in divine consciousness - you come to understand the depths of this knowledge.


Whilst studying, you work on yourself. You contemplate the study; you learn to meditate; and you work with determination on your thoughts and habits, to inculcate virtue, and to eliminate waste and negativity. In this way you work on purifying yourself. Through self-discipline, clean living, and spiritual practice, you come to embody what you have learned.


Whilst studying and working on yourself, you meditate regularly every day. You meditate deeply and you invoke your innate divinity - the subtle love- light of divine being. You experience divine communion - the natural and eternal interconnection of your divine being with all other divine beings. You experience the divine fire - the reaction of this divine energy with your mundane ego-self and body. This divine fire - known in India as "the fire of yoga" - further purifies your mundane ego-self and body, making it easier for you to achieve divine consciousness and to remain in that consciousness. Through regular practice you learn to invoke divine consciousness at will.


Through understanding, divine communion, and sincere effort to cleanse the self, you become virtuous, peaceful, happy, loving, and strong. Your behaviour becomes divine. Your spiritual vibrations radiate out to help and support others. Just by being yourself, you influence others to follow your example; and you help them to do so.

This is the final stage of personal alchemy, where it moves from being focused on the self to being focused on the whole cosmos and all of divine being. Once we are evoking (radiating) our own divinity, our focus moves entirely from personal transformation to world transformation. We are automatically then engaged in cosmic alchemy - the collective transformation of the entire cosmos.


With personal alchemy, we can often feel that we are alone and isolated. We develop increasing distaste for the way we humans have abused - and continue to abuse - our host planet. We develop increasing distaste for - and disinterest in - the everyday behaviours of our fellow humans. But no matter how isolated and out of tune you may feel with the world around you, you are never alone. There is always divine support.

You have a divine teacher, or "guru" - an ascended spiritual master - who will guide you and support you, until your foundations become strong enough for you to look after yourself. If you have not already met your guide, then you will do so as soon as you earnestly seek him or her, in a spirit of love and humility. Just ask your guide - subtly, in your thoughts - to appear in your life, and he or she will soon do so. You will know your guide when you meet him or her. This meeting may occur subtly, in a lucid dream or vision, as your guide may no longer be in their physical body.

You will be supported by your guide for as long as you need support. Once you are ready and able to stand on your own feet, spiritually, then you will be encouraged to do so. However, you are always divine. And you are always in the divine company of all other souls. And so, you will always have all of the divine help that you need. By focusing on the divine, you make yourself immune to the influence of the mundane - and so the everyday world can no longer cast its spells on you, and you become a liberated master of yourself.

So have faith in yourself, and have faith in your future. Devote yourself to your inner transformation - your personal alchemy - and enjoy the ride!