Love and Light

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Are you sitting in divine consciousness? Are you basking in the light of the divine host?

In order to achieve and retain divine consciousness, we should keep examining the extent of our virtue, and in doing this our vices will make themselves apparent. Consider - what are your main virtues at the moment? Have you become the living embodiment of these? And which virtues do you need to work on developing? We should focus on developing whatever virtues we still lack.

You may start by becoming the embodiment of love: love for the self, and equal love for all beings. This must be true love - spiritual love, divine love, benevolent love, unconditional love. Through this you will become able to love all of creation. You will radiate love like a loving sun. Can you feel the golden glow of love in your chest? Experience the warm radiant sun of divine love.

But, as well as being the embodiment of love, in order to deal with the situations of the present time you also have to become the embodiment of divine strength. This strength takes the form of divine fire, of red light. This is the mighty power that purifies. This is the light that transforms. Aim to become the embodiment of light, to the same extent as you become loving: let there be a balance between the two, or you will not progress.

Purity is the foundation of your transformation. The white light of purity brings you into angelic consciousness. From there, the red light of power - the mighty fire of transformation - allows the divine golden light of love to radiate from you. This takes you into divine consciousness. You become God-like.

Those who follow a path of devotion aim to lose themselves in love for the object of their devotion. Those who follow a path of knowledge aim to lose themselves in transcendental power: the light of enlightenment and strength. But our aim here is to balance both love and light, so there should be the balance of both of these virtues in you. This is the middle way.

You should embody love as much as you embody strength. As yet, you will not have both. Sometimes you may have waves of love, and sometimes you may stabilise yourself in being the embodiment of strength. But both should be simultaneous and equal. This is a sign of approaching your perfect form.

We each have a trinity of stars within us. Firstly, there is the awakening star of our present growing awareness - this is the star you now are, a star of determination and faith, as you work on taming your ego-mind, becoming more enlightened day by day. Secondly there is the pure star of your future angelic awareness - of your pure and loving perfect form - that which you are aiming to become the living embodiment of. And thirdly there is the divine star of your highest consciousness - that of being an eternal perfect being in the divine realm of souls.

All three stars are visible in you - your current state of awakening, your angelic potential, and your eternal spark. All three are radiant to a greater or lesser extent. Continue to observe these three stars. As you progress, these three stars will gradually combine into one, as you bring together body, soul, and divinity.

In the physical realm, clouds may come in front of stars, and stars change their position - sometimes they even fall. It is the same with our trinity of stars - sometimes the stars change their position, and sometimes they fall. Sometimes, when you see them, they are very high. Sometimes they are in- between. And sometimes they are even lower than that.

So, do not be disturbed or discouraged by fluctuations. But aim to maintain your position. If you do change your position, it should be to move upward, and not to come down. You may stumble, but do not allow yourself to fall completely. Pick yourself up through making effort. In time, with persistence, you will finish your habits of always changing position. You will rise consistently.

Constantly continue to climb to the eternal, perfect and complete awareness. You are here to become such a star. This is your destiny. It will happen, when you let it.

First you have to renounce all that brings you down. Renounce the vices of lust, arrogance, attachment, anger, greed, laziness, and fear. Then the virtues of your original essential form - that of an eternal divine being - can radiate freely: virtues such as purity, love, light, peace, contentment, benevolence, and fearlessness.Through renouncing the vices, we realise our innate virtues. Of these, the foundation is purity - cleanliness of body and mind. And the essence is love and light.

Sit in meditation, and visualise yourself as divine light: the white light of purity, the golden light of love, and the red light of transformational power. Visualise yourself as an angelic being. Visualise yourself flying. You don't need wings to fly. Simply know that you can fly and you will fly. Remind yourself of who and what you are. You are a divine and eternal being. You are an expression of God. God is with you and you are with God. Feel the power and love of the divine host. Remind yourself that you are loving. You are strong. You are pure. You are angelic. You are blissful. You are radiant. You are eternal. This is the natural and everlasting you.

Now, consider in which awareness are you sitting? In which world are you sitting? Are you in the gross mundane world, or in the subtle divine realms of angels and souls? Are you bringing the divine into the mundane? Have you become subtle - pure, humble, easy? Bring your perfect angelic form into this gross world - keep doing this more and more. See your perfect form in the divine mirror of deep meditation. Can you see it? Go deep and experience your perfect and complete form. Then keep the elevated feeling of this with you when you return to mundane awareness. By emerging our divine consciousness in the mundane realm, we play our part in transforming this world.

Through embracing our virtue we leave vice behind, and become loving and mighty. Are you like that now? Step by step you will be gaining light, just as you are gaining love. Establish the habit of constantly observing and checking yourself - compare your everyday self with your perfect angelic form: they have to become alike. They will become alike.

You will become the true you. You will be a living embodiment of love and light . Like the stars in the sky, we will shine and show the way for others. As above, so below. Emerge your light and emerge your love.