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Are you loving? Whom do you have love for? Do you love yourself? Do you love your fellow beings? What else do you have love for? Do you love this work of transforming yourself?

When we have love for transforming our ego-selves, we will also have love for others. And those who have love for others are also loved by others. Love begets love. And so, by making effort to transform the self through becoming loving, we also become loved by others. This is how to achieve personal alchemy.

Through our loving efforts to transform our ego-selves, our lives will become easy and fulfilling. But without love for making the effort to change the ego- self, we will be unable to change, as we will lack enthusiasm and determination. Change will only take place when we are eager and determined.

The divine host - God, the unity of all divine beings - has much greater love than we have individually. When we love the divine host, that love will be returned many times over. The more loving one is, the more love will be received. This love is returned manifold. To feel this return, you have to be in the subtle consciousness of being divine - and then you will find a limitless supply of love and light. Take this love from the divine host with grace and gratitude, and return it to all of creation. Become a radiant sun of love. This love is true love - unconditional and universal. It liberates us and purifies us, and it makes one feel on top of the world.

This is the lesson of the present time. Make effort to transform yourself, so that you become introverted, simple, and subtle. Then take love through your subtle form, and give the return of that love. Love is divine. Divine love is the main thing. Divine love brings us into divine consciousness. Divine love makes us angelic. Divine love makes us more divine.

It is very easy to love that which is divine. But it takes willpower to have love for making effort! Often, we may lack that love for effort because the circumstances are disturbing us. But when we let our consciousness be influenced by circumstances, then this is back to front! Our consciousness should be stable. Our consciousness should change the circumstances. But when we think that the circumstances have to change first, we are then affected by the circumstances. Instead, the circumstances should be affected by us.

To change the circumstances, we need the power of divine consciousness - the consciousness of divine being. External situations will bow down in front of divine consciousness. The Cosmic Drama will mould itself to suit us when we are in divine consciousness. But when we allow external circumstances to influence us, we are being weak, and we make ourselves even weaker.

Keep making effort to stabilise yourself in divine consciousness. When we are in divine consciousness, we receive love and light; and this liberates our own love and light, so that we become masters of every situation.

We become master of every situation through becoming master of the ego-self. So always have the aim of taking charge of your own destiny - of gaining full divine command over your mundane self. Let the angel within you take over the controls from the devil within you, so that your ego-mind becomes subservient to your divine eternal self, and compliant with the suggestions of your divine intuition. Transform your false ego-self into a willing helper of your true divine self.

And so, do not stop because you have been influenced by external circumstances. Divine consciousness has so much strength that it can overcome any kind of external situation. Because we are weak in stabilising ourselves in divine consciousness, sometimes the external circumstances become more powerful than we are. Then we ask God for help! But at that time we should reveal our own courage and determination to overcome those circumstances. We have to help ourselves! God - the divine host - cannot help us until we first help ourselves.

It is true that when we ask for help from our subtle guardians and guides, they will help us. They will help us at first, until we become capable of helping ourselves. But then we will be expected to "stand on our own feet". Once we have the capacity to do so, we are then expected to connect directly with the divine host - with our own divinity, the unified divinity that we are all a part of - through our own efforts.

So we should have love for making effort in self-transformation. We should enjoy the challenge and enjoy the journey. When we have love for making effort, then we will quickly and easily remove every weakness as it becomes visible. We can then be quick and decisive.

Never leave anything for later. Do it there and then! Do it right now! Don't say you will do it some time later, another day. By waiting in this way, we forget to make preparations. But when we stop waiting, and start making preparations diligently, then we will make rapid progress.

Don't wait until later. Don't bow down in front of obstacles, whether these obstacles concern relationships, weaknesses of the body, or other circumstances. When we take the support of something or other, we become dependent. We are dependent on things. Don't say: "if I did not have this illness, I would make a lot of effort". When one obstacle is removed, another will emerge. We will always be able to find an excuse to postpone making effort. If the body heals, then another weakness - of the mind, of wealth, or of relationships - will emerge. What will you do then?

Obstacles do not remove themselves. We have to remove them with our own strength. Some think that God or the angels will remove them, or that the obstacles will pass away after some time. But this is not how it works - we ourselves have to remove our obstacles. We have to make it happen. We do receive a lot of divine help - especially in the past when we were unaware of our own divinity. But once we are aware of our innate divinity, and of how to access it, we then have to learn to fend for ourselves. This is the stage of growing up spiritually - we learn how to stand on our own feet - we become independent and free. We become this through making determined effort. But if instead we remain slack in our efforts, then our hardships will simply continue, and even multiply.

So, for how long do you want to make effort? Do it now. Be determined and enthusiastic. Do it now. The more quickly you transform your ego-self, the sooner your time for effort-making will be over.

Personal alchemy requires effort to be made. But once that effort has been made, and the ego-self is transformed into a willing helper of the true divine self, then effort is no longer necessary. So our aim should be to remove the need for effort. First we make effort, then our effort becomes easy and natural - indeed it becomes effortless. Then our transformation easily completes, and all effort-making is over.

So do not keep making the same mistake of waiting for others to help, or waiting for others to start something. We have to help ourselves. Each of us is responsible for our own transformation.