from / deepian / going beyond / alchemy / divine alchemy    posted by Ian Howie   on 22 Nov 14 at 12:14  

Are you happy and content? Is there any need to ask about your well-being? There should be no need to ask this any more, because you are growing up. You now have the key to divine alchemy - the key to transformation of the ego-self - and, if you make effort to practice this, you will become more content and happy as each day passes. You are learning to stand on your own two feet. You are becoming strong and independent. You are being liberated.

It is through making ourselves strong that we play our part in changing this hellish Cosmic Drama into a heavenly one. We will become selfless, and concerned with the well-being of others who are not so strong as us. We will change our perspectives away from personal gain and towards the well- being and harmony of all. From being devilish, we will become angelic in our attitudes.

The pure clean habits that we acquire now will prepare us well for many births. And within those habits, the main habit is that of being independent. Being independent does not mean that we free ourselves from self-discipline, or from our relationship with divinity. We have to remain very firm in the disciplines of self-transformation, so that we are increasingly in divine consciousness. These two aspects - discipline and divine consciousness - are the rock, the foundations, of self-transformation. Each of us, when we have such a foundation, will easily become fully independent.

With practice, the disciplines of self-transformation become habitual, and so they become easy and natural. Then they no longer feel like discipline. We become loving and detached, and naturally disciplined. To achieve this, we each develop the habit of checking ourselves, throughout the day - as we meditate, and as we go about our everyday business. All the actions that we perform throughout the day should be checked: "were my thoughts, my words, and my actions all those of a divine being?".

If your actions and thoughts are not angelic, then - with each action, and with each thought - you are moving away from your goal. Then the lightness that you gained from self-transformation will fade away. You will forget that you are a divine being of light. You will forget even your aim. You will sink back into mundane consciousness, into darkness and anxiety.

So, maintain the disciplines. Your diet should be clean: no flesh or products of violence or abuse, and no artificial chemicals. As we purify our diet, our bodies become increasingly accurate in telling us what they need, and what we should avoid. Listen to your body. And make your kitchen into a temple: prepare your food in angelic consciousness. Invite God into your kitchen. The energy in which food is prepared will permeate the body when it is eaten. Then eat your food slowly and in silence: savour it, whilst remaining in divine consciousness.

Our lifestyles should be elevated. Wash regularly: water purifies the aura, and literally washes away impure energies. There is great benefit in this, beyond the freshness of physical cleanliness. Have self-respect: your living environment should be simple, clean, and un-cluttered, just as your mind should become simple, clean and uncluttered. Your mind will reflect your environment.

Meditate every day, especially in the early morning hours. Get up when you awaken, and by all means have a cup of tea or whatever to waken you up and settle you. Then sit in meditation for a while. Light a candle, incense, or use a red light, if these help you. Play soothing music, if this helps you. Create an environment and atmosphere that encourages you to go into silence, into the awareness of being divine, and merge in union with the divine host.

And later, throughout the day, take a few minutes at regular intervals to go back into silence, to regain your divine consciousness. Recharge your spiritual battery regularly.

Keep checking yourself, in every thought, word, and action: "is this the behaviour of a divine being?". Through meditation and realisation - that is, through intuition - we come to know what thoughts we should have, how we should see things, how we should speak, and with what consciousness we should perform actions - even how to prepare and eat food.

Even our sleep should be disciplined. Merge with the golden energy of divinity before falling asleep. First reflect on your day - that is, perform the final self-checking of the day. Were you divine in your every thought and action? Where did you go wrong and work against yourself? Then, merge with the divine, and sleep deeply and peacefully.

As you work on yourself - liberating yourself from old habits, emotions, and patterns - you will become increasingly happy and content. Even your dreams will become happy and content.

In time your every action will become that of an angel walking in this corporeal world. You will have "one foot in the heavens and the other on Earth". This means being in divine consciousness whilst performing everyday tasks. This means being interested and involved in selected worldly matters, without getting bound up in these matters - that is, you become a loving but detached observer of the drama. This is a delicate balance, but with care and with effort you will find it. With practice this balance will become natural and easy.

Check yourself repeatedly - check your attitude, your vision, and your consciousness: every aspect should be elevated. In some cases you have to set yourself free, and in some cases you have to discipline yourself. This temporary, sweet bondage of self-discipline will liberate you from a great many other bonds and burdens.

Liberation is achieved only through self-discipline.