The Point

from / deepian / going beyond / alchemy / divine alchemy    posted by Ian Howie   on 29 Nov 14 at 12:44  

Sit in deep meditation and merge with the divine oneness. To do this, remember your essential form of a point of divine golden light. As a divine being, you radiate the subtle golden light of divine love. This light radiates constantly - always - from the infinitesimal point of divinity that is you.

This consciousness - of being divine, a point source of divine light - is very powerful. It is this consciousness that create the intense red light of the divine fire, that transforms your consciousness from leaded into golden. Aim to increase this awareness in yourself, of being a point of divine light. Practice experiencing it for more and more of the time.

It is not so difficult to stabilise yourself in the form of the point. Sit at rest in silence. Detach your mind from everyday concerns. Free your mind from the everyday chatter of the ego, by occupying it with the more positive task of remembering who and what you are. Remember your eternal divine nature. Visualise light and love flooding into you and through you. You will feel your consciousness shift from mundane to angelic.

In this divine consciousness, you understand yourself and others as souls - each soul containing within it a point of divine light - and the mundane bodies disappear for a while. You go into silence, and sound does not disturb you. All thinking stops. A warm glow envelops you. This is the divine fire.

With practice and experience, you can approach this consciousness even whilst talking to someone. But, to start with, sit in silence, undisturbed.

Only when you make this effort will your habits change easily. This is the most powerful and effective method for changing your habits, and for producing deep realisations. So, pay special attention to the point. The point is the divine seed of the soul - from which all emerges, and into which all is merged. The point is nothing and it is also everything. It is the seed of everything, and so the awareness of being the divine point is also known as "the seed stage". This seed stage invokes the divine fire, which purifies and liberates you. So, don't forget the point!

Make special time available for this practice, throughout the day. Timetable it. Nothing will make more difference to your consciousness and to your life than regular experience of the point form - that is, regular immersion in the divine fire.

Everything should be done at its own time. Continue to perform your everyday tasks, whilst making effort to maintain divine consciousness. But set aside quiet time to focus more intensely on achieving the powerful divine consciousness that will transform you. Each task should be performed at the right time, in an appropriate consciousness. If you are making effort, you will recognise the appropriate time for each task, and you will be able to adapt your consciousness according to the task.

Divine consciousness - the experience of being a point - is beyond all thought. So, when you sit in deep meditation, in order to stabilise yourself in this consciousness, stop pondering knowledge. You should even go beyond having a subtle conversation with your angelic guide. Focus on the point of light, at the heart of you. In deep meditation, go beyond thought.

You can ponder knowledge at other times: whilst walking, moving, bathing and eating. And you can have a heart-to-heart conversation with your angelic guide in the quiet time after you have experienced the point form.

So, to meditate on knowledge is just the beginning. It is much more powerful to visualise your angelic form, or scenes of the Golden Spring, and through this to become a stable embodiment of love. But it is more powerful still to be in the awareness of being the point, the seed. This is not the emptiness of Buddhism: that is aiming for nothing, for blankness. You are aiming for fullness, for the attainment of your perfect essential form, complete with all virtues. You will experience bliss, joy, contentment, and peace. You will radiate love, and you will manifest unlimited power. This is the experience of being full. A seed is full: it is not empty.

If you practise the point form a little more, you will understand the experience clearly. Think about it also, and discuss it with others. If you have special experiences of the point form, then relate this experience to others, and try and make them experienced in it also. However, each one will experience the point form only through their own practice.

So sit, especially in the early morning hours, and spend time stabilising yourself in the awareness of the point. Through this you will enter the divine consciousness of the point form. If you find yourself unable to stabilise in the absolute awareness of being a point, then catch hold of an intermediate awareness - that of being in your angelic form, of having a heart-to-heart conversation with your angelic guide or your divine self, or of visualising a perfect world of love, peace, and harmony. Otherwise, remain in the point consciousness for as long as you can, and then, only when it fades, have the angelic experiences.

It is easy to contemplate spiritual knowledge. And it is relatively easy to engage with the subtle regions - with angelic consciousness, and with the angelic host. But it is more difficult to stabilise yourself in point consciousness. However, the ability to regularly experience point consciousness is the key to rapid self transformation. This is how you quickly surrender your old vicious habits, and so purify yourself.

The point form is the essence of personal alchemy - it is the most potent method of transformation. Even a moment in point consciousness will have a very powerful effect. An hour in this awareness is a considerable achievement. Two hours is a great deal. Work towards this.

This self-transformation is true alchemy - divine alchemy. Alchemy means transformation. You turn your everyday leaden consciousness into divine golden consciousness, and from heavy and toxic you become constantly light and pure.

So, at all times, remember the point. And make consistent effort to experience it. Then you will transform quickly and easily.