Faith and Focus

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In order to find the self-discipline to make continual effort to transform yourself, you must believe in yourself and what you are doing.

Do you have faith in yourself? Do you have faith in the cosmos? Do you have faith that the Cosmic Drama is your friend and will support you? Do you have faith in all of divinity?

Strong and stable faith is essential for self-transformation. But faith in what? Your faith should not be blind, but based on understanding and personal experience.

There are three main aspects to faith, and all three are necessary, in full.

1) Faith in divinity : embrace your divinity and that of all beings. Recognise that divinity and open yourself up to it. You will then experience divine energy flooding you with love and light. Your faith in divinity should come from your understanding and experience of the nature of divinity, and of how all divine beings are inter-connected, so that all of divinity operates in unity. Our apparent separation and individuality only manifests in the cosmos. But in the absolute divine realm of souls we all merge together as one divine host. Trust this divine host, as it is the source of unlimited strength and love. It is part of you and you are part of it. When we embrace divinity, that divinity will never let us down. The divine realm is changeless - constant and consistent, stable and unshakeable, unlimited in strength and virtue. It is only that which is not divine that is subject to fluctuation.

2) Faith in yourself : trust your own experience and understanding. Faith in yourself means faith in your intuition - that is, to trust your divine mind. You should not trust your ego-self. Get to know your divine self, accept your true nature, and conduct yourself accordingly.

3) Faith in the Cosmic Drama : trust the Drama to support you in your transformation and ascension. Understand the nature of the Cosmic Cycle, and the workings of The Law of Karma. Understand how elevated your role is at this time of ascension, and believe in your ability to perform this role. Take every step in full understanding that the Drama will give you whatever experiences you need to grow spiritually. The Drama is your friend at all times, however much it may sometimes appear otherwise.

Do you have all three aspects of faith? Do you have full faith in each of the three, or is there still some doubt? Have you elevated yourself beyond all doubt? Faith and doubt cannot co-exist. You either have full faith, or you have some doubt. If there is any doubt at all, then your faith can be shaken at any time, due to any minor situation. Unshakeable faith means no doubt at all, in any aspect.

Faith cannot be partial: faith is absolute or not at all. Effort can be partial, but faith can only be absolute, or absent. There is either faith, or there is doubt. If there is the slightest doubt, then you do not have faith, and you will keep faltering. So, do you have faith?

What is the main sign of faith? Is there a special sign for discerning faith? If someone has faith, you will be able to recognise it from their eyes: you will have the feeling that they are clearly focusing on a target. Consider a marksman: marksmen keep a perfect aim - the eyes and mind of a marksman are controlled, accurate, and focused. From his face, you will feel that he is a marksman. He will be lost in his task, oblivious to any distraction.

Similarly, the sign of those who have faith is that they will always aim accurately at the target, and their mental focus will be absolute. Their eyes will be steady. They will appear calm and relaxed. Their vibration will be subtle and stable. They will not be troubled by any self-doubt, nor by any questions in their heads.

The main teaching for self-transformation is to focus on a point. To see the point means to see the target. Those who have faith will have a perfect aim.

Try practising this, and then judge whether your discrimination is accurate or not. Through practising this, your discrimination will become accurate. Your whole world becomes merged in your focus. Others will be able to discern your faith and accuracy from your focus: that is, from observing your face and vision. Your faith and accuracy will also be apparent from your subtle vibration, and from your behaviour.

The nature of divine behaviour is to have pure and benevolent thoughts for the self and for all others, and to be humble and righteous in your thoughts and actions. The more you remain in divine consciousness, the more benevolent, humble, and righteous you will become. Vice will disappear from your life. Through the focus and accurate aim that comes from faith, your consciousness will become divine, and your behaviour will accordingly become virtuous.

By following this method, your consciousness will become accurate, and you will come to live always in the moment. The past will no longer cling to you, and the future will not concern you.

Have faith that, in the future, you will be a master of yourself and of the world. You are already that in essence. You simply have to learn to express your true nature and self. You do this by liberating yourself from the false ego self - through the personal divine alchemy of self-transformation that we call "ascension".

Through faith and effort you develop an accurate and divine awareness. And through that awareness, you come to live in the moment, always focused on the now. Time will cease to concern you. You will become humble and righteous. You will be full of grace and virtue.

So, do you have a stable foundation of faith? Is your faith unshakeable? Or does it sometimes shake? Your faith should be immovable and constant, no matter how much any type of situation, element, or person tries to shake it. Unshakeable faith is the basis of firm determination, and firm determination will produce successful thought and action.

So, are you going to let yourself be shaken by any situation? Are you going to let any situation influence you, against your will? You may already have had many tests of your faith, but greater tests are still to come. So, what will you do then - if you are already unstable in your faith? Are you ready for what is to come? To be ever-ready, your foundation of faith must be strong, stable, and unshakeable. Only then can you free yourself from all mundane bondage, and become ever-ready for whatever tests the Cosmic Drama will throw at you.

Situations will come that will test your faith to the limit. If there is even the slightest weakness in your faith, then you will stumble and fall, and you may experience great loss. Therefore, make your faith strong and full, in all three aspects; for only then can you become ever-ready for whatever situations the Drama will test you with.

Engage yourself in your own task of self-transformation, and do not let yourself be diverted - or otherwise influenced - by the many lost souls who continue to destroy planet Earth and our civilisation. Remove yourself from the everyday concerns of the masses - from the influence of the fear-based news and views of the media - newspapers, magazines, books, television, cinema, the internet. You can observe what is happening, but remain detached from their mundane points of view, and be influenced only by divinity - that is, by those you have faith in: your divine self, other divine beings, and the Cosmic Drama.

Most souls remain lost and confused. Are they going to help you? They can only help you inadvertently, as they lack understanding. The world will be transformed through divinity, and not through science or any mundane aspect. It is those like us - who are ascending - who will help those who are mired in degradation. Those who are lost and struggling are unable to help you, so keep yourself beyond their influence.

Full faith - in all three aspects - will enable you to become a rock of support for those who are struggling. Full faith will prevent you from fluctuating, even whilst those all around you are in upheaval. With full faith, there are no questions of "Why?", "What?", "How?", and so on. Full faith means that there is no doubt.

Full faith can only exist when there is divine consciousness. You allow your intuition to guide your every thought, and accordingly your every action is accurate and successful.

Although it may not be apparent, this time of ascension is an age for benevolence and love. Let there be no thoughts other than those of loving benevolence and ascension. Let your consciousness be always divine, so that every thought is strong and accurate, with no negative thoughts or doubts of any sort. Then you will ascend.