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Are you making progress in transforming yourself? Your progress becomes quick and easy when you recognise and understand that you are a divine being, and when - through constant and determined effort - you bring that divinity into your everyday practical life. If your progress remains slower than you wish, then this indicates that you either lack understanding, or you lack determination, so that one obstruction or another keeps holding you back.

One of the most common obstacles is to expect others to transform first, before you yourself make effort to do so. That is, you make your own transformation depend on others. Don't make this mistake: make it "me first" and not "you first" in this. Do not make your own transformation dependent on that of anyone else. Instead of looking at the progress of others, look only at your own progress.

You are fully responsible for yourself, and you have no responsibility for the behaviour of others; so take full responsibility for yourself, and let others take full responsibility for their thoughts and actions. You will help others, but don't try to make yourself responsible for them, or dependent on them.

Another common mistake is to fail to use your third eye. The third eye lets you see the divine being within the physical body. It lets you see the past, present, and future, of any soul. It also lets you see the angelic and soul realms, and the coming new world of the Golden Spring. It is a mistake if, instead of visualising these with your third eye, you keep looking only through your two physical eyes, at the physical body and the degraded corporeal world of this Iron Winter.

Your divine guides are here to help you to open your third eye, so don't just shut it again! To become a radiant embodiment of divinity, learn to keep your third eye open, and to use it at all times and in every situation. The third eye gives you divine vision, coupled with intuition. It is only through the third eye that we can exercise our divine willpower: this is how the world is transformed. It is only through using our third eyes that our divine strength can be put to practical use in the mundane world. We transform everything through our third eyes.

Do not be trapped into time consciousness. Focus on your self transformation, and not on the transformation of time. When you make yourself subservient to time, you are making the tail wag the dog. Time is your creation - a cosmic illusion; and you are the divine creator of your own cosmos. Should a creator wait on his own creation? We create our transformed selves, and the timetable for transformation of this degraded world is entirely dependent on us - that is, on you and me and our fellow creators. The lost souls of the world are waiting for time to bring transformation, but we should know that transformation can only happen when we - those of us who are making effort to go ahead - make it happen. So, don't wait for the time of world transformation - instead, be one of those who sets that time.

Those who keep asking questions - "What will happen?"; "When will it happen?"; "Will it happen or not?" - will continue to fluctuate and shake. They lack faith in the Cosmic Drama, and so they ask questions, and they make excuses, and they remain weak and uncertain. You are no longer like this, are you? Many tests will come. The stronger we become, the stiffer will be the tests we face in the drama. When we anticipate these challenges - with faith, and the light and easy accuracy and focus of an elevated consciousness - then we will pass these tests easily. But if we remain afraid of them, and we keep worrying and asking questions, then we will keep stumbling and hurting ourselves.

We should constantly have good wishes for all other souls, and we should remain carefree at all times - no matter what challenges we face. Have you become like this? Let us all realise our divine selves now, and reveal all of our divine strength and virtue. It is through our individual self-revelation that we also reveal our common divinity. We reveal our divine selves - and we reveal divine oneness - through our own angelic forms of radiant love and light. And we achieve this radiance through being in divine consciousness for a long period of time. We must choose divine company, and become living embodiments of love and light. Let us become practical examples of divine strength and virtue - like living deities walking on Earth.

Through our determination to transform ourselves, we each develop a pure and benevolent attitude, and so a powerful atmosphere develops around us, created automatically by our divine awareness. As we progress, we will increasingly bring experiences of bliss, peace, and divine will to many of the desperate souls who are currently crying out for help as they stumble around lost without any destination. It is not a case of teaching them, but of giving them a divine experience. And, in order to give such an experience to others, we ourselves first of all have to become living embodiments of divine experience. This is why we focus first on ourselves - that is not selfishness, but rather it is the only way to succeed. We have to become towers of inner strength before we can shine a light for others. So, let us work on becoming this, before we focus on helping others: it is only through first helping yourselves that we then become capable of helping others.

We each bring about world transformation through first transforming our own selves.

I will cover the divine alchemy of cosmic transformation in more detail later, but in essence it is an automatic result of our determined persistence in the personal alchemy of self-transformation. It is only through determined effort - over a prolonged period of time - that you can invoke into yourself the purity and strength of divine consciousness that will change the world around you, and will influence others to change themselves.

Your determination strengthens your divine willpower, and your divine will strengthens your determination. This is a virtuous cycle - a common feature of divine alchemy. When you take one determined step in the right direction, the divine host and the Cosmic Drama will both help you to take several steps more. When you first make effort to walk a few steps by yourself, you will then be carried further by others. But if you make no effort to help yourself to walk, then you will receive no help from others, nor from the drama. We make our own fortune. When we make determined effort individually to change ourselves, we then awaken our divine willpower, and then all things become possible.

The result of determined thought is always successful. Is this clear? You transform yourself with determined thought. You transform the atmosphere with determined thought. You help others through determined thought. And in due course we will join together to create the renewed world of the next cycle through our united determination.

Divine willpower is the ultimate in determination; and in learning to focus and to act without fear, we develop our divine willpower. Through determination, we strengthen and focus our divine wills until transformation simply has to happen. Through determination we make things happen.

So, the basis of transformation and creation is determined thought. This is why meditation is so important to us, as meditation is the development and practice of focused thought.