divine company

from / deepian / blog    posted by Ian Howie   on 14 Aug 17 at 10:33  

Whenever you feel alone, realise that you have divine company - that your divine self is always there in the background, and that divine self is constantly connected with all other divine beings. When you go into divine consciousness you become at one with the divine host. Accordingly you have unlimited divine company.

The divine host is always with you, at all times, whether you realise it or not. It is just that you turn your back on divinity, and forget about it. In reality you are never truly alone. You always have divine company. Keep reminding yourself of this. Feel the warmth and comfort of that divine company.

Even if you live alone, you have constant divine company. And if you are living with others, then practice being alone: you should be able to live with others and still be alone, meaning that you remain detached - free from the pull of others, free from all bondage of selfish ego and habit.

When you are alone, be with the divine host. And when you are in a gathering, be loving to all. Become free, as well as loving. Externally be on your own, and internally keep divine company. When you have external company, you forget to be alone, which means that you give away your freedom, and come into some bondage or another.

Very few can stay in full divine consciousness for a long period. Divine consciousness is a balance between love and light - a balance between the heart and the third eye. Love comes from the heart, and strength comes from the third eye. You are opening your third eye, and you are opening your heart also. Both aspects are divine. The practice of divine consciousness enables you to open both your third eye and your heart.

So, practice divine consciousness now, and keep on practicing it. Forget all excuses of "later" or "sometime", and do it now. Instead of saying "I will see", say "I am doing it right now" - and do it right now, as soon as the thought occurs.

You attain divine company and receive divine help only when you yourself show the inner-strength and initiative to take matters into your own hands. As it is said: "God helps those who help themselves". The same applies to your guardians and guides. This is not about being selfish, but about being self-reliant. As you progress, you will no longer receive help just by asking for it. You have to take responsibility for your own transformation, and open yourself to divine consciousness. You have to find within yourself the strength and determination to take the steps required to raise your consciousness to the point where you merge with the divine host. Then everything will become easy for you, as your state of consciousness will automatically deflect any destructive or damaging influence, just as it will attract help and co-operation from others, including your own divine guides. When you take one step towards divinity, your divine helpers will take many steps towards you.

When you are in divine consciousness, you fill yourself with love and light. You absorb life-force from the divine radiations of other souls, and this liberates your own life-force. You yourself become a radiant source of divinity - a beacon of divinity, lighting up your own life and the lives of those around you. This love and light is your perfect shield against all forms of darkness and negativity. So, stay in divine consciousness. Aim to be in divine consciousness at all times, and work towards this. Then you will be safe from any assault. By being in divine consciousness, you automatically have divine protection.

The more you remain in a divine consciousness, the more loving you become. You should not accept or allow any thoughts of weakness, even in your dreams. These weaknesses are accumulated in your psyche from many worldly experiences over many lives. You are now finishing all of these weaknesses in this birth. So never say "I cannot do this". You are an unlimited divine being - you can do anything. Nothing is impossible. You should experience difficult things to be easy. You are - in your essential divine nature - masterful, mighty, and self-sovereign. You have the potential of unlimited power. It is up to you now to manifest your innate divine power - to liberate your essential divine nature.

To become the complete embodiment of all divine virtues - that is, to realise your divine nature - you first become the embodiment of love and light. Spiritual love and strength will manifest your inherent virtue. Become loving and free. Strength comes from breaking all attachments, and love comes from being loving.

When you embrace your divine self and your divine company, you naturally and automatically attain the unlimited strength and protection of divinity. You are creating your own fortune. You create your own "luck". When you transcend selfish desire, and commune with the divine host, you will easily and naturally become an embodiment of love, and also an embodiment of strength. Your love, strength, and innate goodness will attract benevolent forces to you, and will repel all forms of darkness. You will then experience easy success in every endeavour. Your love will bring you into loving divine relationship with those whose co-operation is required to perform your role, and it will become easy and natural for you to help each other.

Through love and divine strength you become co-operative and capable, sharing and inspirational. Others who have also chosen the light are attracted to you, whilst those who dwell in darkness are repelled from you and cannot come near. As your love and light grow, your self-transformation becomes easy, and you become united - as one - with all those who embrace divinity. There is no downside to seeking divine company. There is only benefit in this.