Detached Observer

from / deepian / going beyond / alchemy / divine alchemy    posted by Ian Howie   on 03 Mar 15 at 07:13  

Are you stable in divine consciousness? Are you unshakeable, immovable, and constant in that consciousness? This is the aim of personal alchemy - to be always in such an elevated consciousness.

When you are stable in divine consciousness, then you will see everything from the viewpoint of a detached observer - you will have an easy detachment from mundane matters, but will remain observant and loving. You will be always in the moment - cheerful, free, easy, and full of love for others - whilst remaining beyond their influence and beyond their mundane concerns.

If you are still unable to attain this state of sublime detachment, then understand that you need to deliberately spend more of your time in divine consciousness.

The more divine you become in your consciousness and nature, the more clear your mind becomes, and the more clearly and easily you will understand what is inside others. You become a seer - one who sees what is inside others.

The more clean and honest you are in your thoughts and behaviour, the more clear your mind will become. The cleanliness of honesty and simplicity will always bring clarity of discernment. When there is cleanliness, then everything is clearly visible.

Always remember your divinity. Help yourself to become like this: each step of your effort will be rewarded by many steps of divine assistance. You will be helped in particular to remove your mental focus and attachment from everyone else, so that you can stay in divine consciousness. That is, you will be helped to become a detached observer of the Cosmic Drama - loving and aware, but detached from mundane influence.

A detached observer will accept neither defamation nor praise, and will have no consciousness of "mine" or "yours". The strength of divinity is unlimited in potential, and to attain this strength we simply have to embrace our divinity, and become the living embodiment of it. Our divine strength grows when we spend time in divine consciousness; and it weakens when we spend time in the mundane consciousness of "I", "my", and "mine".

So, remain in divine consciousness, beyond mundane influence, as much as you can. Have the vision of a detached observer who is loving and free. Make your habits and behaviour divine, so that your mind becomes clear and your discrimination becomes sharp and accurate.

Keep ascending. Do not stop. Keep moving - with determination and faith that are tireless, unshakeable, and firm - until you reach your destination. When your goal is clear in your mind, and your determination to achieve it is firm, then one way or another you will develop the qualifications to achieve your goal. It is only when you are strong within yourself that you become free from external influence, and free from the compulsion of your own selfish ego. And it is easy for you to become strong like this, because you have divine help always available.

At present, most souls of the world are sleeping the sleep of ignorance. But you are awake, and you are claiming your inheritance. Others will awaken too late to help themselves, and they will need to be helped at that time. By then your elevated fortune will be clearly visible. At present, your elevated fortune is incognito, and others consider you to be ordinary. However, the time is not far off when they will awaken and cry out in distress. They will cry and repent, but even then they will not be able to attain anything. At that time, you will be very grateful that you recognised your divinity earlier, and that you made the effort required to claim your inheritance.

What have you received? What have you found? You should be constantly dancing with delight! And yet you keep fluctuating. You should not be fluctuating now, and nor should you ever be afraid. You are becoming a spiritual lighthouse, who will spread light to others, and will help them to keep safe from the rocks. Such a lighthouse-soul will be always loving and happy, with the easy discrimination - and freedom from attachment - of a detached observer. On the one hand you will be sweet and giving, and on the other hand you will be strong and resolute, beyond all influence.

Will being a detached observer make you serious and stern? No. The nature of divinity is of absolute lightness. Like every divine being, you true nature is very light and entertaining - very easy and full of fun. And you are becoming more and more like that - more and more divine in your nature. You become like the company you keep. And so you become light and easy - a source of joyful fun for those you meet. This lightness is a sign of your transformation approaching completion.

Each soul is inherently an embodiment of peace, bliss, love, and understanding, as well as being an embodiment of spiritual strength. These qualities emerge when the divine being is allowed to radiate. When we radiate our innate qualities, we become lighthouses for others, and the influence of our divine consciousness spreads into the atmosphere in all directions.

As well as becoming radiant, we become unshakeable. A lot has yet to happen in the Cosmic Drama, and many situations will come suddenly to test us. When we are unshakeable, we are then always ready for whatever might happen. Whatever tests we encounter, we will face them calmly and accurately, and we will pass our tests with ease. None of these situations will cause even the slightest upheaval in our minds. We will see the future clearly in our mind's eyes, and each of us will see our resolution of any problem in the very instant that problem first appears to us.

So, are you able to see your future clearly, or is there still a thin veil in- between? Everything should be absolutely clear, so that you have no questions about what is to come. The tests that come are to warn us of our remaining weaknesses. Every test that each of us will face will take place for our own benefit. So, look for the benefit in every situation, and learn what that situation is teaching you.

Do not lazily go back to sleep like the others, thinking that you have plenty of time, or that your divine role is unimportant. If you let your determination slip, then your ego will easily trick you into returning to ignorance and lethargy. When you waste time like this, you are defrauding yourself of your inheritance of spiritual bliss, love, peace, and lightness.

When people are careless, and are lost in the sleep of slackness of effort, you have to shake them - or create some other sort of upheaval - to wake them up. The deeper they are sleeping, the more noise you have to make! This is why the drama likes to shake us - to make sure that we are awake. The drama is our friend. Remember this. The drama is always helping us, even when it appears to be working against us. So don't ever be alarmed at whatever might happen in the drama. We will always get exactly what we need, albeit it may not be what we think we want at that time!

As yet, we have seen nothing. The drama still has some wondrous and amazing tricks up its sleeve, that we won't have even thought or dreamt of yet.

When we are in the consciousness of detached observers, we then see the drama for what it is - a drama, a play, an entertainment for us souls. Then, whether a scene is of pain or of laughter, we still observe both aspects as a detached observer. Whilst taking in every scene, we will not be shaken by any of it. A truly detached observer will remain constantly in the loving oneness of divine consciousness, beyond all fear or struggle.