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In divine alchemy, there are only a few aspects to learn and master, and most of these are themselves inter-related, being different ways of approaching the same thing. It all comes down to virtue and divine consciousness. There are many aspects around that, but the core of divine alchemy is to embrace the virtue of divinity, and the clarity and empowerment that comes from divine consciousness.

There are only so many ways to say the same thing, and so I have to repeat myself. So don't think "I have heard this already..", "we have already covered that..", or "I have already done that..", or suchlike. It is only through repetition that we change ourselves. We have to keep thinking about the same concepts - virtue, divinity - in different ways.

By repeatedly approaching the same subject matter from different angles and perspectives, we freshen these subjects in our minds, and shed new light on what seemed already familiar. I may think that I know all about something, and then there is a flash of intuition, and I see the same thing from a deeper perspective, and it takes on a different light and meaning. I then realise that my former "understanding" was very limited. So it is important to keep our minds open and receptive.

Language is a very limited tool, and so I say the same thing in many different ways to ensure that the meaning becomes absolutely clear. Within repetition, I try to create variety, so that the mind does not simply get "stuck in a groove". When one thinks that one knows something, one tends to stop thinking about it, and so - to ensure that we keep thinking about it - we have to keep finding fresh perspectives to examine.

We can chant mantras in our heads to make a point of understanding firm in our minds - to create new divine-centred thought pattern and habits to replace the old ego-centred ones. We cannot simply empty our minds - we have to replace that which is leading us astray and restricting us with that which leads us to our self-liberation. We do this through repetition - an ongoing process of affirmation and memorising.

Repetition is key to the self-transformation of personal alchemy, as self-transformation can only be achieved through repeated practice. Just as the old thought patterns of habit have been created and strengthened in the ego-mind through considerable repetition, so also the new habits of thought and action - those that we wish to replace the old habits with - are also created and strengthened through repetition. This requires some patience, and consistent effort, made with faith and determination.

When we think too much about something - when we worry at it mentally, instead of taking steps to experience that thing practically - we lose our divine consciousness, as divine consciousness requires mental calm. Personal alchemy is a process that requires self-discipline and the seemingly endless repetition of a few simple concepts. Rather than going into the complexities of mental expansion, we focus on simple thoughts, and we learn to merge our mental expansions to a point.

It is a case of re-programming ourselves, rather than a process of discovering new knowledge. Knowledge is key to get us started, but then it becomes much more important to understand that knowledge - and in particular to become the living embodiment of that understanding - rather than to keep searching for more new knowledge. And so we keep re-examining the same core concepts - how to retain awareness of our divine nature, and how to nurture our innate virtue.

The Cosmic Drama uses repetition in this also - it will keep testing each one of us on our areas of weakness, in order to awaken us to our defects, so that we can come to realise what changes we need to make, and how to strengthen ourselves.

Situations will occur in waking life and in dreams to try to confuse you, or to make you afraid; and you must then be strong. Realise that such tests are always for your benefit. If you fail any such test then it will repeat until you pass it - until you get the message and make the necessary change in your attitude or approach. The tests will only repeat when you fail them: each test will repeat in different forms until you pass it, and then it will cease and you will then be tested on other aspects. The tests will start out subtly, but will become increasingly blatant until you get the message that they are intended to convey.

Although we may often find such tests disturbing or challenging, this testing is always for our benefit - to make us strong and wise, and to teach us the value of constant divine consciousness. To pass the tests, keep your mind clear of waste and negativity. No matter how much external upheaval there may be, you should be able to merge instantly whatever wasteful and noisy expansion there is in your mind, into a point - a full stop.

In divine consciousness all of the drives of instinct and emotion are quietened, and all of the mental expansions of intellect and rationality are merged to a point of divine oneness and understanding. The former constant chatter in your mind quietens, until there is silence in your head, and only the visions and intuitive promptings of the divine intuition remain, gently guiding you. In divine consciousness your mind is calm and peaceful, alert and yet at ease. Even when outside there is noise and distraction, you remain in blissful silence inside. You feel as though you are gently cocooned - you become a detached observer of the mundane realms, loving and peaceful even in the midst of chaos.

It is only through repetitive practice that you - the divine being - gain control of your ego-self, through gaining control of your thoughts. So keep practising the instant merging of your thoughts. Keep practising the merging of your thoughts and mental chatter to a full stop. It is only through repeated practice that you will gain the ability to focus your thoughts at will.

In time, with repeated practice, your old habits of thinking and behaviour will no longer emerge under any circumstances. You will automatically bring waste thoughts to a halt, and negative thoughts will not even arise in the first place. You will then be master of your own mind, and your ego-self will be your helper, rather than leading you astray as it has been doing up to now.

So, repetition is necessary for self-transformation. Embrace repetition, and use it as a tool to help you. But don't let the "record get stuck", repeating the same old groove endlessly. Along with repetition, keep bringing newness into your approach. Keep it fresh by finding different ways of looking at things. Keep an open mind on what you may think are known and understood concepts - you will find that everything you thought you fully understood has further hidden depths to it, which will suddenly appear through divine revelation, when you are ready for it.

The wiser we become, the less we think we know, and the less we need to know.