Divine Will

from / deepian / going beyond / alchemy / divine alchemy    posted by Ian Howie   on 16 Feb 15 at 10:40  

Are you determined? Do you have willpower? When you decide to make changes, do you follow through?

When we are languishing in ego-consciousness, determination requires self- discipline and application - we have to deliberately and wilfully make the required changes in our lives, and this can feel quite tedious - it is hard work. But as we work on ourselves to release the divine self from its ego-imposed bondage, our natural divine will becomes active through the third eye, and we no longer have to make intense effort to have willpower. Once we are in divine consciousness, determination is easy and natural for us.

Divine willpower is divine strength. When we are in divine consciousness we radiate love and virtue, but we also have the innate strength of divine willpower. Divine consciousness opens the third eye, and when our third eyes are opened, our divine will is unleashed. Then our strength and focus become unlimited in potential: the more divine we become in our consciousness, the more powerful our divine will becomes.

With open third eyes, we are tireless, and can easily find a solution for any problem we encounter. Accordingly we keep making progress, easily. Our innate faith and determination guarantee that we achieve our goals. The Cosmic Drama then always works in our favour, and we become fully aware of that.

Our third eyes open when we allow divinity into our lives and keep it with us. Life becomes very easy and very pleasurable when we are in divine consciousness at every step. Every divine quality that was previously lying hidden within us now reveals itself, naturally, in our everyday actions and interactions with others. Our hidden depths are revealed. Our spirits soar. We want to sing and dance. We inspire others, as our every action reveals divine strength, love, and understanding.

Perhaps you already experience yourself to be a divine being in the mundane realm? With such an attitude you will be constantly successful in whatever you set out to achieve. No obstacle will be able to halt you. You will remain constantly free and happy, always at ease in every situation, with divine strength always at your command. You will easily be strong and resolute when situations demand it. And you will be loving and giving at all other times.

With divine strength comes gentleness and humility. You become a gentle giant to others, using your divine willpower to help them as appropriate. Your third eye not only exercises your divine will, but it also brings mental clarity - the inner voice of your divine intuition comes to the fore and takes command. And so your divine will comes with the accurate discretion to use it appropriately.

However, any attempt to utilise divine will for selfish objectives will cause you to lose your divine consciousness and willpower. In ego-consciousness the third eye closes, and you lose not only your willpower, but also your divine understanding, clarity, and focus. Therefore, never make the mistake of trying to misuse your divine willpower, or you will undo instantly the good work that you did over a long period of time. Your divine strength comes from the purity of your consciousness, and if there is any impurity mixed into your motives then your strength will fail.

So remain humble. Keep your mind always on divinity - on the divinity of all souls, and the divine influence in all of creation, and on your own divine nature and qualities. Do not be distracted by the mundane qualities of others, nor by those from your own past. Keep your awareness divine - strive to be in the moment at all times, always conscious of your divinity. Then you will no longer fluctuate.

Make yourself light, by letting go of all the ties of mundane responsibility that have been restricting you. Accept the divine authority of the Cosmic Drama, and you will never find the path to be difficult. Simply flow with the drama, rather than trying to manipulate it. When you are loving and free, you are detached from mundane issues, and you will never feel tired, because you will feel no responsibility. Everything then becomes effortless for you. You will simply exist, in divine certainty and ease, always doing what comes naturally to you, and always guided by your divine intuition.

Through always having pure intentions, everything works in your favour: the entire cosmos is inspired to help you at every turn. You can trust in this, when your intentions are pure. And your intentions are always pure when your consciousness is pure. Then your divine will - like every divine quality - will be always ready at your disposal, and you will always use it whenever it is required - automatically, instantly, and accurately.