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Are you transforming? Are you ascending? Can you tell? Do you have the discretion to tell how you are doing - to see and recognise your own state of consciousness? Can you tell to what extent your behaviour has become divine? And can you see the divinity in others, and distinguish that from the darkness that is also in them?

Why am I asking this? In our everyday tasks in this mundane world, we associate with people all around who are primarily trapped in a dense heavy ego-consciousness, rather than the light sparkling consciousness of the divine self. If we empathise, or otherwise connect with them, then our own consciousness will be pulled towards their heavier vibration, and we will find ourselves in similar ego-consciousness, to our own detriment.

In circumstances where many people habitually congregate, this pull can be very strong. For example, I find places such as supermarkets and airports in particular to be potentially very draining - they have an accumulated energy of the stresses of the myriad people who use them and work in them. To guard against this - to be able to retain our divine perspective in such circumstances - we require the discretion to detect such energetic pulls clearly and quickly, so that we are not caught off-guard. And having detected that somebody - or some dense vibration - is pulling at us, we have to know how to protect ourselves against that pull.

If we were to be always in a godly state of absolute divine consciousness, then there would be no need for discretion - true love does not discriminate, but shines constantly in all directions like a divine sun. However we are not so perfect! We have human bodies which pull at us, and a mundane world to interact in, and so we have to constantly seek a balance between the mundane and the divine. In order to attain and retain this balance, discretion is required - we must choose carefully what company we keep, who and what we open ourselves up to, what to give attention to and what to ignore, and when to draw back to our default state of a detached observer. As we progress in our ascension, this discretion becomes automatic, and eventually we become so spiritually strong and stable that we become immune to lower vibrations.

But for now, we need to be able to discriminate accurately in order to protect ourselves from the many vicious energies and attitudes that we find around us in everyday life. How can we achieve this discretion and self-protection? How do we remain in divine consciousness in the face of the many testing situations that the cosmic drama will throw at us, as we go about the mundane world performing our everyday activities?

The key to this, unsurprisingly, is meditation. The practice of meditation is all about mental focus - we learn to raise our consciousness at will, and to keep it raised. This requires deliberate effort and repetition over a period of time, but the rewards more than justify the self-discipline required. With practice, divine consciousness becomes natural for us, and easy to attain and retain. This is how we develop our divine willpower - indeed, it is more a case of removing blockages and tuning into capacities that already lie innate and inert within us.

By mental focus, I mean the deliberate wilful calming of the myriad of thoughts and complexities in our minds - the quietening of the chatter in our heads. The aim is to eliminate negative and wasteful thoughts, by replacing these with something simple and positive - whether this is a focused visualisation of light, or a mantra or affirmation. We take control of our own minds and quieten the mental chatter. We allow ourselves to become simply aware of our own innate love and light.

This love and light fills us with joy and peace - we become blissful and our thoughts become clear and precise. This is divine consciousness. We become calm and alert, and in this peaceful state we become aware of our inner voice of wisdom - our intuition.

This is the basis of accurate discretion - the calm clear divine voice of intuition. Once we are tuned into our intuition, we know intuitively what is of benefit to us and what should be avoided, and we are easily able to give or remove our attention as appropriate. Then, we are no longer distracted or pulled by more gross vibrations, or by the self-centred demands of others who remain guided by the deceptive voice of ego.

So, to improve your discretion, free yourself from the chatter of wasteful thoughts in your head. When your thoughts are engaged in matters divine, so that you are remembering your own divine true form and qualities, then your consciousness moves from mundane towards divine. Your third eye opens, and your intuition comes to the fore, and your discretion becomes easy and accurate.

But, if your mind is busy creating a lot of waste thoughts, then you will not see others so accurately: you will not be able to recognise them as they are, through the jumble of distracting ego-thoughts.

The mental clarity to discern your weaknesses, and the strength to face them, both come from your divine connection. It is only when this connection falters and you lose your divine consciousness. Then you start to struggle and make mistakes. Without divine consciousness, you fail to even realise what is bad for you, and you fall back into old habits. You allow damaging habits that you had renounced to return, and so the mundane deceptions of the ego regain their influence over you.

When we are in ego-consciousness, we do not even notice when something is wrong. We accept that which we should reject. We retain that which we should renounce. Our ego-minds invent very persuasive justifications and rationalisations for returning to our weaknesses. And so we oppose ourselves - the ego-mind regains its ascendancy over the divine mind, and we lose our discretion and determination. We become confused and conflicted. Instead of renouncing our vices, we renounce our virtues! Instead of surrendering our weaknesses, we surrender our strengths!

So, to be able to discriminate well, the mind needs to be clean and clear. A clean and clear mind facilitates divine consciousness. Wasteful thoughts, and gross thoughts, are an obstacle to divine consciousness.

The main reason why we are attracted to mundane desires again and again is that our minds are not clean and clear. Only a clean and clear mind has strong focus. A clean mind naturally remains at one with all of divinity.

But when we lose focus, and we let our thoughts wander in many directions, the mind then loses power, and we forget all about our divinity. The ego takes over, and we become absorbed in mundane matters and illusions.

You must have experienced that, when the mind is engaged in many tasks, there is the feeling of mental tiredness or weakness, and so you are not able to make an accurate decision about anything. In the same way, waste thoughts and vicious thoughts make the intellect tired. Any soul who is tired cannot discriminate nor make a decision accurately. No matter how clever someone may be, there is a deterioration in his or her discretion and decision-making when he or she is tired. Because the intellect is tired by the cascade of ego- thoughts throughout the day, it lacks the power to make decisions. Therefore they lose their focus, and they lose their way.

So, the mind needs to become clean and clear. A clean mind is a clear mind. This is achieved through clean living and the discipline of regular meditation.

Accurate discretion will cut through all problems. See the divinity in yourself, and see the divinity in all others. Immerse yourself in thoughts of divinity. Bask in the light of divine love. Keep bringing divinity and divine consciousness into your life. Then you will easily see the divinity in yourself and in others. Remember your divine nature, and that we are all eternal souls, and that we are all simply playing our mundane parts in a cosmic drama, to entertain and educate ourselves. Then you will become a magician in self-transformation, and you will be able to work real magic.