The Tree of Life

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From the seed of divine being - from divinity itself - grows the Tree of Life. Every incarnation of every soul is a leaf on the Tree of Life. The cycle of the Tree of Life is another metaphor for the Cosmic Cycle.

Originally the Tree is just a Sapling, with only a few leaves. Each of these leaves representing an incarnation of a Golden Spring soul - that is, a soul who takes their first incarnation(s) in the Golden Spring. There is only one branch - the trunk - representing the unity of all souls at that time: in the Golden Spring there is only one people, one language, and one culture, all living together in peace and harmony.

Then, the Tree grows, over many centuries - the old leaves die and fall, and they are replaced by a greater number of new leaves. This repeats over and over, as the Tree develops many branches. The main branches are the main religions and cultures in the world, and the twigs are more recent splits into different factions - a great variety of differences in culture and ideology.

No matter how big the Tree grows, every current incarnation of every soul remains as a leaf on the Tree.

Now we are at the end of the Iron Winter - the end of the cycle - and the Tree is very old and diseased. The trunk of the Tree has become hollowed out. The Tree is at its maximum size, but it is becoming weak and frail. Even though it grows more leaves than ever, the Tree is now dying from the core out. Soon it will topple, and then it will return to the dust, out of which a new vibrant Sapling will grow - and so the cycle repeats.

Those of us who make effort to transform ourselves at this time are the souls who form the leaves on the original Sapling. We are the few souls who experience rebirth through all of the stages of the Tree. We experience the childhood and youth of the Tree, and also its maturity, and its final decay and dissolution.

Most souls only take their first incarnation when the Tree has already reached maturity - indeed, the majority only take their first incarnation in the last stages of dissolution - in the final flourishes of new growth - even as the trunk rots and hollows out.

So our experiences are very different from most - we take more births in the cycle, and we get to experience the perfection and vibrancy of the early stages - the Golden Spring and the Silver Summer. It is soul memories of the elevated experience of these early births that make us so dissatisfied with the Iron Winter world of the present. The majority of souls only ever incarnate in the Iron Winter, and so they are easily satisfied with what it provides. But we are dissatisfied, as we yearn for our lost state of perfection. We know that a better World is possible, because we have experienced it in our prior incarnations. We know from experience what is possible, and that gives us the impetus to transform ourselves at this time.

And so - at this time of Ascension, in the process I am calling divine alchemy - we merge our energies into the seed: that is, we return to our divine source, ready to grow once again as the first leaves of the new Sapling of the next cycle.

It is our depth of experience around the whole drama cycle that befits us for our current leading role in the ascension of all of creation. We know from experience how it is when mankind and all of nature are in perfect balance and harmony. Once we have prepared ourselves individually through personal alchemy, we will then take this clear vision of perfection, and will collaborate with each other to re-establish this perfection on Earth. This is cosmic alchemy - we will turn the leaden old world into the golden new world.

Currently, the leaves on the old Tree are diseased, reflecting the decay of the Tree itself. Their colour has changed - their beauty has been lost. We souls of the original Sapling have lost the blissful freedom and sense of magical spiritual potential that we had in our initial incarnations. We have even lost the knowledge, virtue, and piety of the mature Tree. Finally, we lost the very last remnants of our hope and self-respect, as we experienced the final decline of the Tree towards disintegration.

All souls go through these stages of experience in common with the Tree of Life: no matter at what part of the cycle a soul take its first incarnation, they will then experience all of the stages of innocence, growth, maturity, and decline. Most souls take multiple incarnations to complete this cycle, but the earlier we first appear in the growth cycle of the Tree, the more pure and perfect our initial incarnation will be, and the more reincarnations we will typically experience.

The future lies with the new Sapling, and not with the old Tree. And so we are now turning our attention away from the decline of the old Tree - which at this time is hollowed out and dying - to focus on the establishment of the new Sapling.

At the start of the cycle of the Tree, the only authority is divinity itself - the innate perfect virtue of divine being, and the perfect divine mechanisms of the Cosmic Drama and the Law of Karma. Everything flourishes under the sun, in its perfect form. There is perfect balance and harmony between every soul and every aspect of nature. Matter is light, and everything is vibrant with the magic of pure divinity.

Then by the middle of the cycle, matter has become more dense, as the creations of the divine beings become less and less perfect. The simple harmony of the early period gives way to more complexity and variety, and mankind creates kingdoms and empires, and man becomes ruled by man. Religions are established - the branches of the Tree - to keep us in touch with our innate spirituality, but these are also ruled over by mankind.

Then in the final stages of the cycle - which we are now experiencing the end of - both royalty and religion are disowned, and mankind becomes ruled by the common man, who loses all connection with virtue and divinity. In these final stages, the blind are truly leading the blind, as this grand "civilisation" of mankind sleepwalks to its destruction.

It is our global civilisation - that is, the Tree - that gets destroyed; and not the world or mother nature. The new Sapling rises from the ruins of the old Tree. Mankind, and all of nature - indeed, all of the cosmos - continues on its eternal way, around the cosmic cycles.

It is a great conceit of the egos of mankind to imagine that we are more powerful than Mother Nature. Mankind is but one small expression of Mother Nature. Mother Nature - in its perfect form - is the divine expression of divine being - our perfect creation, in our own image. But the mundane fabrications of mankind - that is, the creations of ego - then adulterate nature, and bring about the decline of all of nature, as we lose sight of our divinity, and become ever-more-mired in the illusions of ever-more-dense matter.

Each cycle of the Tree - that is, each Cosmic Drama cycle - is the simple story of divine beings gradually losing their way in the mundane creations of their egos. Finally, at the end of the cycle, we escape from our own illusions, and re-connect with our innate divinity - the seed, divine being itself. We become ready to start a new cycle afresh.

Divine being is the seed of the cosmos, and so it is the source of cosmic renewal. Divine beings liberate themselves from their self-imposed mundane shackles, and combine as one pure divine force. When enough divine beings join this divine host, then all cosmic expansion is merged into oneness by this combined force. The unified divinity finishes the entropy and expansion of the Iron Winter of the old cycle. All cosmic expansion is merged into the infinitesimal point - that is, into nothing. Then it is emerged once again in its pure and perfect original divine form of the Golden Spring of the new Cosmic Cycle. These are the divine acts of dissolution and creation.

From the Golden Spring onwards, throughout each Cosmic Cycle, there is constant expansion. The Tree of Life grows from the seed of divine oneness, bringing ever-increasing variety and diversity into the cosmic experience. The divine beings remain incognito, and are seen only through their creation - the leaves, twigs, and branches that manifest on the Tree.

Only at this time of renewal does divinity come to the fore in the Cosmic Drama, to help us to transcend the illusions of the cosmos. It is the nature of human souls to be attracted to the variety of the expanded Tree, but we are now at the time when the Tree is dying - the trunk has hollowed out and is about to topple. And so, at this special time of ascension, we divert our attention away from the variety and expansion of the old Tree, and towards the creation of the seeds of the new cycle.

We merge the entropic expansion of the old degraded cosmos into the seed, from where it will re-emerge, purified and re-energised, as the vibrant green shoots of the Golden Spring. This is cosmic alchemy, and it follows on naturally and unstoppably from the personal alchemy of those special few of us who are leading the way for the rest.

The few inspire the many, and the many transform the cosmos, by merging all mundane expansion into the seed. Then the new Tree of Life starts growing from the seed - simple, pure, and vibrant. And so the eternal cycle repeats.