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Those of us who are now working on ourselves - working to rapidly elevate our consciousness - are leading the way for others. As we fill ourselves with love and light, we become beacons shining in the darkness to show others the way forward.

At this time of our ascension, each of us transforms our own consciousness. From being mired in matter, we become divine and free. Through our own effort, discipline, faith, and focused determination, we transform our consciousness; and through this we also transform our thoughts, words, and actions.

We recognise ourselves as divine beings, and not as just physical bodies or minds. We establish our divine influence over our mundane ego-selves. At first, we each do this individually; and then, as we become more divine in our consciousness, we find unity with each other in our common virtue and benevolent aims. We then join together as one, and raise the vibration of the whole of humanity - indeed, the whole of creation.

This transformation is not only happening now - it is inevitable and unstoppable. We are becoming divine masters of our mundane selves. We are part of a rising swell that will become a tidal wave.

So, are you master of your ego-self yet? Do you have divine authority over your mundane self? Have you - the divine being - claimed full sovereignty over your false ego-self? If so, then your personality is already becoming divine - that is, your personality will follow your consciousness, as will your behaviour.

It is only through the exercise of divine authority over your mundane self that you become able to enter divine consciousness at will - whenever you choose to, in an instant. Then the sparkle of divine consciousness automatically becomes visible on your face, and the pure and loving energies of the divine you start to exert a subtle influence on others, even against their will.

Nobody else can stop you from moving ahead like this. Only you can stop yourself. You can create your own obstructions, but you cannot be stopped by anyone else against your divine will, no matter how they may try.

To become master of your ego-self, you must understand yourself. The first step in mastering your ego-self is to understand and remember your true nature - that you are divine. Through this you gain self-respect. You become aware of your innate love, virtue, and strength; and you start to distinguish between these everlasting divine qualities and the ephemeral delusions of ego- consciousness.

The second step is is to reclaim your divine rights, through divine invocation. The divine qualities are your divine birthright, and you start to appreciate and to master these when you are reborn spiritually in this life - that is, when you learn to meditate and to connect with the divine host. Through everyday practice of invoking divine consciousness, you become enlightened and spiritually empowered. Your spiritual understanding grows, through the experiences, realisations, and revelations that you attain from being in divine consciousness. And, with practice, your ability to attain divine consciousness increases, until it becomes easy and natural for you to achieve this elevated state.

With the help of the divine fire, you cast out of your life all that is impure and attached to matter. You develop an attitude of sweetness and light, whilst simultaneously becoming disinterested in mundane "reality". It is only through this renunciation - the surrender of all that is impure - that you become self-sovereign. You become a master of your mundane self - a master of your time, your thoughts, and your actions - and thereby a master of your own destiny.

The final step to self-mastery is to become the living embodiment of your divine qualities. This means to be always in divine consciousness - and so to be always thinking divine thoughts, and to be always acting on these thoughts, immediately and accurately.

Once you have this self-mastery, you are able to transform your time, your nature, and your habits, as you wish. You can then mould your form and awareness to be appropriate for each situation that you encounter. You are able to go into divine consciousness at will, and to remain there for as long as you wish. In divine consciousness you will easily understand anyone else's consciousness or thoughts. There won't be any doubts. You will understand others clearly, just from their subtle vibrations. Your discrimination will be clear, accurate, and instant.

Regular meditation is the key spiritual practice to bring about such self- mastery. I practice a simplified form of Raja Yoga, and from my own experience I recommend this form of meditation, although other approaches may be equally effective - the meditative state of mind can be achieved through many methods, but the resulting consciousness is the same, and is a natural state of mind for all of us. That said, Raja Yoga is the most ancient Indian form of meditation, and has much to recommend it. "Raja" means "royal". "Yoga" means union or linking. So Raja Yoga is royal union with the divine - a very elevated form of meditation. I was taught to practice it with eyes open, so that I can be in divine consciousness even whilst walking around and performing everyday actions.

Raja Yoga - in its original and true form - is all about control of the mind. Any postures, rituals, mantras and other methods are optional - the focus is on mental and spiritual union with the divine. We - the divine beings - become rulers of our mundane selves, through pure thinking. This self-sovereignty is the "royalty" of Raja Yoga. We become divine kings and queens of our mundane selves. We become masters of our selves.

So, do you have such royalty? The royalty of your divine personality comes from purity - that is, cleanliness. Try checking yourself now - how pure have you become so far? Do you feel yourself becoming cleaner and lighter over time? Your level of purity will be clearly expressed in your self-sovereignty, and in the radiance and virtue of your everyday personality.

Once you are a self-sovereign ruler of your mundane self, you will no longer be attracted to perishable beings or things. You will see the eternal and divine aspects of all beings and every experience, and your vision and attention will no longer be pulled by those mundane aspects of things that once attracted you. You will lose all desire to participate in the mundane habits of others, or of your own past. Instead, your eyes will shine with the sparkle of being complete - that is, your gaze will be always steady and true, and your eyes will never be lowered. Your words will be sweet and enlightening. And your subtle influence will provoke divine experiences in others.

The vision of such a self-sovereign soul will never be drawn to the defects or weaknesses of others. The thoughts of a self-sovereign soul are never pulled towards that which is mundane. Where such attraction persists, it is because we lack self-sovereignty in some respect or other. Then we are pulled into bondage of one form or another, which takes us further away from our self- sovereignty - back into the vicious spiral of self-reinforcing degradation that we see most of humanity currently trapped in. Self-sovereignty enables us to escape from this bondage and vicious spiral.

The words of a self-sovereign soul are elevated and golden. They are not words that cause sorrow or coldness, or that make someone fall. They are not even ordinary or wasteful words, but every word is strong and loving. Instead of giving the detail of something in many words, you use only a few well-chosen words to give just the essence. Quantity is replaced by quality. Ardour is replaced by calm self-assurance.

A self-sovereign soul is automatically a benevolent bestower, always giving to others - this is the nature of divinity. When you become like this, others will be calmed and enlightened by your presence, and their minds will sing your praise in amazement. They will feel as if an angel has came into contact with them. Just one glance from you will take others beyond their self-imposed constraints: even those desperate souls who have been stumbling for a long time will feel that their thirst is being quenched, and they will see visions of their potential and of their destination, just through being momentarily in your company. As is said: "even iron becomes divine in the company of an alchemist".

When you are self-sovereign, your spiritual royalty is visible on your face, and your behaviour and personality are visibly divine. Your personality of purity is such that - from your eyes, and from the light on your forehead - others see you as a pure divine soul, an angel walking the Earth. Your divine vision gives others the experience of their own divinity. Your pure and elevated attitude transforms the atmosphere and vibrations, wherever you go.

Nothing is as strong as divine purity. Nothing else makes such a strong and lasting impression on others. No mundane charisma can match the divine charisma of purity. Pure consciousness makes weak souls into embodiments of strength.

So, bring about such purity and strength in yourself, so that it becomes visible in your everyday activity. Reveal your innate divinity. Reveal the light and love of divinity through your own radiance.