The Fortress of Divine Protection

from / deepian / going beyond / alchemy / divine alchemy    posted by Ian Howie   on 03 Jan 15 at 10:24  

One of the aims of divine alchemy is to make ourselves strong. Each of us works on transforming ourselves into a beacon of divine love and light. We are learning to walk the earth as angelic beings and spiritual masters - masters of divinity, masters of the material realm, masters of the cosmos. Together we form a divine force. God - the divine source - is the Captain of this force, always unseen, but always there with unlimited strength. And God's angels are the guards, whilst we are the new recruits. The divine realm is the subtle fort of the angels - the "fortress of divine protection".

Fort means strength. We are not a military army, but a divine force. We are not becoming warriors, and we will not be battling. Rather, we are becoming divine in our everyday consciousness and behaviour. And once we are that, our divine task of cosmic alchemy will be achieved effortlessly. However, our initial training does require effort.

Just as a physical fort is made strong so that no enemy can attack it, the subtle divine fort is a spiritual stronghold that no enemy can enter. Only those who are virtuous - clean and pure, simple, and humble - can enter. Only those whose inner divinity shines out radiantly can enter this fort. No form of vice can enter the gate.

The strength of this fortress is based on three things: love, purity, and self-mastery. When we are strong in all three of these, then we are able to remain in the fort. As this is not a physical fort, it is not restricted in time and space. The strength of the fort goes with us wherever we are. We enter it through elevating our consciousness, and we leave it through lowering our consciousness.

The divine host - the oneness of divinity - is like a spiritual power station for us. With mundane electricity, when it is powerful and someone receives a shock, then he is thrown far away. Divine power works in a similar way to give a shock to all that is not divine in nature. All that is devilish, dark, and complex in nature is dissolved or deflected away by the focused divine energy. This is the basis of the fortress of divine protection: divine power repels all that is not divine.

And so this fortress is utterly impregnable to any viciousness. If someone attacks you, then you know you have left the fort. This happens when one thing or another is lacking - maybe love, maybe purity, maybe self-mastery. In order to remain constantly within the divine protection of the fort, you must pay close attention to these three things. So we make determined effort to become very strong in all three - love, purity, and self-mastery - until divine consciousness becomes natural and continual for us. When we are in divine consciousness, then we are also in the the fortress of divine protection, and nothing vicious can touch us.

So, let us all keep making determined effort to cleanse our thoughts and behaviour of all impurities and waste, and to master ourselves so that we become free of all attachment and bondage, and to be loving and giving towards all other souls. When we inculcate these qualities in ourselves individually, then we will each automatically gain the full protection of the spiritual fortress.

Any fortress is only as strong as its' weakest part. If even one brick or stone in a wall of a fort is not fully supporting it, then that fort is not safe. Although you might say that only one brick is weak, the weakness spreads in all directions, and can be exploited by an attacker. So, a perfect fort would have no weak brick, and no weak guard. And, as the divine fort is a perfect fort, there is no weakness in it - indeed, by definition, there cannot be any weakness in it. However, there can be weakness in each of us! And, as soon as we allow any weakness into our consciousness and attitude, we lose the protection of the fort, and we become vulnerable to attack. We then have to be very careful indeed.

So, protect yourself by elevating your consciousness. When your consciousness is divine, then you are automatically within the fortress of divine protection. Your very divinity of consciousness is your protection.

When you are under the protection of the divine fort - that is, when you are in divine consciousness - no impure vibration can even touch you. You pay less attention to yourself, and you become easy and very light. You feel immense strength within you, and around you. And you become visible to others, from a distance, as a divine lighthouse, radiating light and might to all around.

This divine strength is unique. You will not experience anything like it in any other way. You can find love and purity and self-control to some extent in worldly experience, but true self-mastery, divine love, and ultimate purity are only experienced at this time in the Cosmic Cycle - this time of ascension - as we metamorphose from mundane into divine in nature and consciousness.

All divine strength emanates from divine will. In our physical bodies we experience this through the third eye. We become able to adopt whatever form we wish, whenever we wish, to adapt to the needs of each circumstance that we encounter. This is true willpower. This is divine strength.

But such great strength should always be merged with divine love, or we will lose our balance and will go astray. Much damage can be done with misdirected divine will. So we must learn to come always from love: that is, to keep our hearts always open, and in balance with our divine minds.

So, as long as you are coming from love - that is, when your heart remains always open - you will remain always within the fortress of divine protection. You will then use your divine strength only for benevolent and virtuous purposes, and you will radiate your love with divine discrimination. You will remain detached from the mundane results of your actions, and unaffected by them. Your sole concern will be the re-unification of the divine with the mundane.

This balanced combination of love and strength is the epitome of spirituality. Though it feels divine, it is worldly to simply merge yourself in love, and to become the embodiment of love. You become truly spiritual only when you are also an embodiment of divine strength, and when that strength is in balance with your love. This can only come about through virtue.

For each of us, our final act of personal alchemy - that which will complete our self-transformation - will be to fully conquer all attachment to the mundane, and to become an embodiment of divine love balanced with divine strength. These aspects - freedom, love, and divine will - all entwine naturally: each aspect comes with the others. But take care to keep them in balance: be ever-loving and ever-strong.

Let your own divine love and strength combine with the divine host. Let your river flow into the ocean of divinity, so that you become a living and conscious part of that - deep and vibrant, loving and accurate. From that ocean of divinity, you can take everything you need to become whole and balanced.

So, become divine in your everyday consciousness. Through virtue become loving and strong. Enter the fortress of divine protection, and remain in there. In any time of trouble or difficulty, first go into divine consciousness, and feel the strength of that divinity envelop you - this is the fortress of divine protection.