Divine Ruler of the Mundane Self

from / deepian / going beyond / alchemy / divine alchemy    posted by Ian Howie   on 27 Dec 14 at 13:37  

Are you self sovereign - a divine ruler of your mundane self? Do you embody the unlimited willpower, strength, love, virtue, and understanding, of the divine you? That is, have you become divine in your everyday behaviour?

It is spending time in divine consciousness that makes our everyday behaviour become increasingly divine. In divine consciousness, our innate divine qualities are revealed through our everyday behaviour. Through the divine inspiration of intuition, we respond appropriately and precisely to scenes of the Cosmic Drama, and thus resolve our karmic debts, rather than accumulating them. Through our self-determination and practice of divine consciousness, we renounce our past habits - each of us sacrifices the impurities in our psyche, one by one, in the divine fire.

And so we become cleansed and purified - liberated from our former mundane burdens of karmic debt and accumulated habit. We become free, and easy, loving and blissful, through practicing the consciousness of divinity. We become living embodiments of our innate divine qualities.

So, do you keep thinking of these innate qualities? Do you keep applying them in practical situations? Do you experience the delight that comes from this?

Do you check - throughout the day - that your divine-self is ruling over your ego-self, in a practical way? Self-rule is the dominion of the eternal divine self over the transient ego-self - that is, the rule of the true self over the false self.

True understanding comes from the divine mind - the intuition. We gain spiritual knowledge through study and reflection, and we come to understand this knowledge through putting it into practice in our everyday lives; but our understanding only becomes full and accurate when we each listen to the gentle inner voice of our own intuition. Intuition brings realisations that perfect our understanding. True understanding is easily recognised by its simplicity and beauty, and by its efficacy in practice.

Divine understanding brings divine strength and virtue. We become living embodiments of love, of virtue, and of strength. We easily become conquerors of vice, and of the restrictions of matter itself. With divine understanding, we are able to see clearly - in our mind's eyes - how to use our innate virtue and strength to achieve the elevated results that we require. And we then act decisively and immediately to secure these results. Have you experienced this ability? You will have had a glimpse of it, at least.

Our growing understanding is like spiritual medicine for us. It is one thing to have the medicine, but we also have to take it! We have to apply it. We can liberate ourselves from the mental illness of mundane consciousness only by taking the right dose of spiritual knowledge, according to the time. And, even when taking the medicine in the correct dosage, we must also consider what else we take that may react against the medicine. And we must also consider what we may be required to do to support the action of the medicine. So consider not only your understanding, but also your awareness and your activity.

Perhaps you do remember your divinity, and you study and work on yourself - but are you in divine consciousness when doing so? Do you have love in your heart, and light in your mind, at all times? Or do you allow yourself to be pulled into mundane awareness by others? Or by your own habits and conditioning? If so, then be aware that you still have mundane habits and bonds to renounce.

To be in divine consciousness does not simply mean that we accept the existence of divinity and think well of it. To be in divine consciousness means that divinity is at the forefront of your consciousness, and mundane matters are subservient to that - in the distance, as it were. Mundane people and mundane matters may still be in your awareness, but divinity is there also, as a stronger influence. That is, in your approach to every situation in your life, you put that which is divine before that which is mundane.

When we are in divine consciousness, we always have love in our hearts, and light in our minds. Our awareness is then predominantly that of pure divinity - that is, divinity takes precedence over all else in our lives, even in our thoughts, and even in our dreams. Our divine focus then protects us from all malignant mundane influence.

But when we are careless about maintaining divine consciousness - when we follow the dictates of our ego-minds, or we are influenced by the company of others, or by the mundane atmosphere, we then separate our ego-selves from our divine selves, and as a result we become weak and vulnerable. We may pay full attention to the divine for a while, but that attention then diminishes gradually, until we lose attention completely, and find ourselves in tension!

Particularly when we are in testing situations, our attention is replaced by tension - that is, we lose our divine awareness, and so we also lose our strength and discrimination. We lose our self-discipline, and we lose our self-rule. This happens when we fail to pay attention to our thoughts. We revert to old patterns of thought and behaviour, and, before we can catch ourselves, we have lost our divine consciousness. At that point our understanding will not help us. We may cry out in frustration, but it is our own carelessness that has let us down.

And so, keep checking yourself at all times, and don't allow old weaknesses to creep back in. It is only through practicing divine consciousness with care and with determination, and over a long period of time, that this awareness becomes natural for us in mundane life. So, practice this until your subconscious mind instinctively takes you into focused divine consciousness, instantly, at any time of crisis.

Then you can truly be considered ruler of your mundane self.