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A divine alchemist must be free of any bondage or burden. This is why we must master personal alchemy first. Through the practices of self-transformation, we liberate our divine qualities from the many bonds and burdens that were suppressing our divine selves. That is, we inculcate virtue and freedom, and we renounce all that is vicious and oppressive in us.

The goal of personal alchemy is self-liberation. We each focus on adopting our perfect form, by renouncing all that has been restraining us. Finally, our consciousness will be such that we will feel like we are flying through life - light and free and easily - like an angel.

True freedom comes only through virtue. It is virtue that enables us to conquer the hearts of others. It is virtue that makes us capable of leading the way in cosmic transformation. So, always remember your divinity. Be loving, co-operative, and tolerant. Develop all virtues equally, in balance. If you are stronger in some qualities but weaker in others, then there is not yet a balance, and you remain vulnerable meanwhile to mistakes and confusion, and to the influence of others.

When you achieve your perfect form, all virtuous qualities will be present and in equal balance with each other. Your faith will be absolute, and you will achieve success in every endeavour. You will not even think of success, but will see success as inevitable - as your divine birthright, something to be taken for granted. You will have gained complete authority over yourself. You will be master of yourself.

So, are you such a renunciate, who has renounced everything that was holding you back? Have you cleared all of the negative karmic balances that you accumulated from your mundane actions in this and in previous lives? To achieve balance, you have to clear your imbalances! So, have you freed yourself from all bonds? From all relationships? From all selfish thoughts?

The Cosmic Drama will ensure that you clear those imbalances and bonds, by challenging you in various ways. And, by spending your time in communion with the divine host, you accelerate this process: the divine fire dredges up all the "skeletons in the closet" from your past, and gives you the divine energy and insight to deal with them. You are given the opportunity to face up to every one of your previous mistakes, to acknowledge them, and to show remorse for them and make amends.

Wherever there is an imbalance, we have to take steps to achieve balance. For example, if a relationship of any sort is pulling at you - whether it is a lover a friend, family, work, or whatever - then you have to step back from that relationship and break the influence that the other - or others - have on you. You might have to take extreme action to achieve this, but if you do so, then you will subsequently have to mend any breach and bring that relationship back into balance.

It is not balanced to be too close or too distant, but to break away from being too close you may have to become too distant for a while, until you can re-establish that relationship on a more balanced footing. Ultimately, to achieve balance, you have renounce all extremes and find the middle - the point of equilibrium.

So, through personal alchemy, you free yourself from your mundane delusions and bondage, and thus you find your balance. By letting go of your burdens, you become free of all vice, and free of all waste. You become double-light - that is, your nature becomes light and easy, and your form becomes a radiant embodiment of divine light.

Once your karmic debt is cleared, and your relationships with others are in balance, you are then free to be a living embodiment of divinity. That is, you are liberated. Having become liberated, you will then use every moment of your time accurately, in a worthwhile way, without even making effort to do so. Your every thought is divinely intuitive, and so your every action and interaction is elevated and successful.

Such success requires discernment, and this comes from your divine consciousness. The divine mind - the intuition - can easily and automatically discern between that which is beneficial and that which is damaging. With the clarity of divine consciousness, you can easily recognise impending obstacles in advance, and you instantly know how to deal with these in an elevated and accurate way. And so you waste no time or effort in navigating your way expertly through the many challenges of the Cosmic Drama.

Everything that you think, say, and do, becomes elevated and beneficial - both to yourself and to others - and the karmic results of such behaviour are always positive. Simply through doing good, you yourself become more good, immediately. And through giving to others, others start to give to you, and so you receive help at every turn.

You gain increasing understanding of yourself, and you also gain increasing understanding of others. You get to know the desires and characters of others instantly, just from meeting them. And so you are able to help them to attain whatever they want, and you become constantly successful in helping others. You radiate divinity all around you, and your presence becomes so powerful that others have divine visions just from meeting you.

This is how we start to bring about cosmic alchemy: by radiating our love, strength, and understanding to others, we help others to achieve their liberation. And the entire cosmos is transformed when a critical mass of we divine beings achieve our liberation.

The cosmos is the creation of divine beings, and so the cosmos reflects the consciousness of these beings. So when that consciousness is repressed, adulterated, and degraded by the excessive mundane influence of the ego, the entire cosmos becomes stifling, oppressive, and degraded also. But when the divine beings are liberated and their divinity radiates through the cosmos unhindered, then the cosmos is purified and reformed as a pure expression of divine consciousness.

When we are in balance, we are free from all bonds, and nothing is pulling at us. We are then able to discern when it is appropriate to be strong with others and to stand up to them, and when it is appropriate to be loving and benevolent and easy with people. And so we easily achieve success in every circumstance. The Cosmos itself - the very elements, and the circumstances of the drama - become our servants.

That is, having first mastered ourselves individually, we then unite as masters of the cosmos - we gain mastery of the elements, and mastery of the drama. Then we are no longer influenced by the elements, and we are no longer influenced by the circumstances of the drama - that is, we are no longer influenced by others. We are masters of your own selves, and accordingly we are masters of our own destiny.

And so, the lightness of self-liberation produces balance and self-mastery, such that we are finally able to remain in divine consciousness at all times . Then nothing is able to pull us out of that elevated consciousness. We are then ready to move on from personal alchemy to the practice of cosmic alchemy, and it will be automatic for us to do so.