fabricated reality

from / deepian / wisdom of others    posted by Ian Howie   on 13 Dec 14 at 13:26  

Work isn’t supposed to suck. Leisure time isn’t supposed to be a “pie in the sky”. The air is not supposed to be saturated with smog. The Gulf of Mexico isn’t supposed to be drowning in spilled oil. The Pacific Ocean isn’t supposed to be tainted with nuclear waste from the Japan nuclear plant disaster. Money is not supposed to matter more than the heart. Profit is not supposed to matter more than people.
If you can really stop and feel the unhealthy fabricated reality that has been constructed around you without your permission, it will take your breath away. It will, in fact, break your heart. Just remember: there’s nothing wrong with YOU. But there is everything wrong with the unhealthy culture you have been raised in. You do have a choice, however: become the change you wish to see in the unhealthy culture, or become a product of the unhealthy culture.

Gary ‘Z’ McGee