seven things that happen when we die

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In a recent article in Waking Times, Steven Bancarz writes very clearly about what people experience when they have a Near Death Experience (NDE). What he describes precisely correlates with my own NDE and visionary experiences. Here is an extract from his article:

There has been a lot of scientific investigation into what happens when people leave their bodies when it dies, and then return after experiencing time in the spirit world. Thousands of near-death experiences have given us the information we need to form a more accurate picture of what awaits us on the other side.

Dr. Michael Newton, in his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls, shares case studies that he has gathered over the course of four decades of bringing people back into the memories of their souls journey. Surprisingly, they all said the exact same things, and coincided very nicely with a lot of the NDE accounts that have occurred. Here are 7 things which these two fields of study have strongly suggested happen to us when we die:

1) Life Flash

An extremely common phenomenon within people who are dying is that they see their entire life flash before their eyes. The brain snaps into hyper-speed mode and starts revisiting your memory databank before your soul separates from your body.

2) You Can See Your Body

Many people will see their physical body right as they exit it, at the moment that consciousness disconnects from the physical body. You will be able to see your surroundings, and the things that are happening around your dead body. This will not scare you however, because it will feel as natural as anything. Some people report feeling frustrated or angry over the way they died, and wishing that they could go back into their body to seek revenge, but this feeling passes with time as you begin to fall into the Light.

3) The Light

People always report seeing a light when they die. The light appears off in the distance, and you will slowly be pulled towards it, almost as if you are being pulled by a magnet. The light is always accompanied by a sense of love and peace. This is your transition phase back to your home in the spirit world.

4) Seeing Dead Relatives

Right when you enter into the spirit world after being pulled through the light, you are greeted by loved ones who are there to embrace you and comfort you. It’s sort of like a reunion. These are not necessarily your relatives from your current earth life. They may be family members of yours from previous lives who have been with you throughout your whole souls evolution. Essentially, you have family members you don’t currently know about from a totally different bloodline who will greet you as you enter the spirit world. You will, of course, remember their names and recognise their faces upon return.

It’s important to note here that the souls will take on the image they had in physical form, to create a sense of home and familiarity for you. Souls don’t look like they did on earth necessarily. The body is just a body. The soul is formless, but can take various shapes to serve different purposes. It is said that advanced souls who have lived many lives don’t necessarily have relatives that greet them, because they understand what the spirit world is about, and have been through many times before. It is said in the books that advanced souls sometimes skip this step because it is not needed for them.

5) Guardian Angels/Spirit Guides

You have your own assigned guardian angel, or ‘spirit guide’ depending on which term you like to use better. Whatever you wish to call them, you will encounter your guide in the spirit world, and they will comfort you and make you feel at home. But, this is also the time where the fun and games are over. After you experience some of the heavenly realms, duty begins to call. Your guide has been with you and watching you throughout your life, and wants to go over some things with you. It’s time to take out your report card from the life you just lived.

6) Life Review

You meet with your angels/guides and go over everything that happened in your life. People report seeing their entire life as a sort of movie film in front of their eyes, or on the pages of a book. You may have to see some things that make you feel ashamed and like you failed, but this is not a time of judgment. This is a time of review, and discussion about what needs to be improved upon as a soul. After you see your whole life, you may come to an agreement with your guides to come back to Earth to work on things after a certain period of time in the spirit world.

7) You Don’t Want To Return

You feel such an overwhelming amount of peace and love that you don’t want to return. You don’t have to worry about illness or earthly tasks. You are boundless, safe, and free. No stress, no pain, and no suffering.

But remember, reincarnation may await you. You may either volunteer to come back to help other souls on earth, or you may NEED to come back to alleviate Karma, or you may choose to come back to evolve more as a soul and experience the richness of life.

Keep in mind, these are what thousands of people have been saying about their memories/experiences of the afterlife, and these conclusions are being drawn from forty years of professional work.

The main thing to take away from this, is that you are taken care of. You are infinitely loved and will be looked after. There is no death, only transition. You WILL get to reunite with the souls of loved ones, and you will experience magical realms. Peace, love, and serenity awaits. But so does accountability. The destiny of your soul is related to your behaviour as a human being in this life. That will be good news to some, and for others may inspire the desire to improve themselves. Either way, we should be asking ourselves the following questions:

How am I treating other souls in this world? What am I doing to help myself, and the people around, to evolve?