Instinct and Intuition

from / deepian / wisdom of others    posted by Ian Howie   on 03 Jun 15 at 10:28  

Inside us all are two strong sources of guidance. One is powered by the drive to survive. This is instinct. The other is powered by your drive to thrive. This is intuition. Knowing which is guiding you is crucial. Each emanates from a different drive. Your instincts, will usually get louder, more pressing, more ‘shouty.’ Instinct is very useful to deal with real threats, but it massively limits creativity, openness, and flexibility. Intuition, the voice of the inner shaman, will stay clear, certain, and resonant, but it won’t get jumpy. It is a ‘still small voice of calm.’ It emerges when you consciously turn down the chattering and nattering of the ego to hear it.

Nick Seneca Jankel