give yourself the love you deserve

from / deepian / wisdom of others    posted by Ian Howie   on 03 Aug 15 at 10:07  

Give yourself the love you deserve, give yourself the respect you deserve, give yourself the health, the appreciation, the kindness, the honour, the liberation from conditioning that you deserve. You are not ‘less than’ or unworthy. If there is a voice in your head that argues about your worthiness, know that it is the ego, and this opinion you can safely let go.

Heart-based decisions will never do harm. The heart is not the seat of sentimentality… it is the seat of courage and devotion to that which is sacred in us and in life. The intention of the heart is aligned with the highest good, which is love, and the highest good for ourselves translates into the highest good for all, including those close to us. This is your power: take it back.

In the heart we live for ourselves, not against. In so doing we can’t help but live for the world, intending and creating the world of beauty that we deserve.

Ida Lawrence