masculine and feminine principles

from / deepian / wisdom of others    posted by Ian Howie   on 29 Apr 16 at 13:21  

On the physical plane , the Masculine principle is positive and dominant , and the Feminine principle is negative and receptive. This changes on the emotional plane , where the Feminine is positive and dominant , and the Masculine is negative and passive. On the mental (or intellectual ) plane, the Masculine once again becomes positive and the Feminine once again becomes receptive and negative. This switch occurs once again on the higher planes of reality, where again the Feminine principle becomes positive and active in terms of the spiritual and intuitive , and the Masculine is rendered again as negative and receptive.

So, on the spiritual and intuitive levels of reality, the Feminine principle is active and dominant. We see this working out in a Wiccan coven, where the High Priestess, who consciously carries the energy of the Goddess, is considered as the first among equals and the director of coven business. The High Priest serves and protects the Goddess energy, but his function is not to lead.
In reality, there are more than four planes of existence , but the division into four basic types makes discussion of them simpler and easier to understand in terms of gender identity. The mental plane , however, is divided in two. The lower, concrete mind (or intellect that is limited, logical, and linear) is the masculinized part of the mind, oriented toward the physical world. The higher part (which is sometimes called "pure reason") is the Feminine intuitive mind, and is connected to the Higher Self (or soul) and is oriented to non-physical reality. It is a channel for inspiration and for knowing without calculating.
All the planes of existence are contained within the Feminine. It is the Masculine donor that provides the spark that begins the generation of the creative process, but it is the Feminine that nurtures and completes the creation with her own systems. The potential energy of the unknowable void becomes the kinetic process within the womb; the chalice...cauldron of creation...the Goddess or the Holy Grail!
**We need the physical and intellectual modes of being as well as the emotional and spiritual. We need the Masculine aspect of divinity as well as the Feminine.